Xếp hạng: Niềm tự hào Công dân Điểm thưởng Công dân: 160
  • 2463 Amber St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Kensington
    More than three unrelated persons in residental zoned home, there are 6 unrelated living there. Also, owner has not reported rental income ever to city or Feds. No bus license to operate boardng home or as is needed as rental property.
  • 2126 E. Lehigh Ave. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Kensington
    Every Wed, Fri and Sat night, the noise is so loud no one can sleep until 2 am when bar closes. It is licensed as tap room but operates a dance floor operating as nightcub in very residential area.
    Also, there are over 10 tenants living above bar and owner has not filed for business for the rental property, has not reported income to city, state or Feds. This is federal IRS as well as City tax evasion.