Mike servedio

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  • 6311 Mary Theresa Ct Hanover 21076, United States - Elkridge
    Winters Lane is in need of streetlights, this is out of concern for high schoolers walking to the bus in the dark. This is a safety issue and it needs to be addressed. Thank you
  • Hanover Rd Hanover, Maryland - Elkridge
    Turning from Old Washington Rd onto Hanover Rd . It is eroding on Hanover Rd. Can this be fixed please.
  • Hanover Rd And Old Washington Rd - Elkridge
    The detour sign looks like it's about to fall over and the road closed sign is taking up part of the road which local traffic still uses.These are very dangerous and need to be addressed immediately. Thanks
  • Hanover Rd Elkridge Md - Elkridge
    Biking on Hanover Rd is dangerous because the road is too narrow and very winding. Can anything be done about this problem? I just worry for their safety.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    Hanover Rd Near Winters Lane - Elkridge
    Would it be possible to remove the branches that are intertwined with power lines?