Foxcroft Community Watch

Rank: Civic Crusader Civic Points: 340
  • 6413 Castlebrook Dr. Raleigh, North Carolina - Northeast
    White Garbage bags piled in yard in between the main house and garage. This reflects poorly on the Foxcroft community especially since this house's garbage can be seen from the community main entrance. This property has had previous problems storing old mattresses outside indefinitely.
    This is a transient tenant property in the county but regulated within Raleigh's ETJ.
    Please send a Raleigh inspector from Environmental Health and possibly zoning to address these issues.
    Other issues:
    1) Stored Parked cars by well pump in front yard.
    2) Taxi business ongoing.
    3) Unregistered rental property - owner has multiple Raleigh properties
    4) Drainage problem in front yard by driveway - Orange traffic cones in front yard put there to keep parking off grass during wet periods. Cones are permanent ugly yard art.
    5) Home has private sewer - Neighbors suspect sewer problems may be related to drainage problems.
    6) Their Buffaloe Rd. split rail fence is rotten and is falling into the street right of way. It's temporarily propped up and not stable. The community wants the unsightly fence removed.
    Blight that needs to be cleaned up.
  • 3600-3698 Windemere Place Raleigh, North Carolina - Northeast
    Foxcroft Community - Fallen trees blocking road on Windemere off of Castlebrook Dr. Ask landowner to contact NCDOT to remove trees.
  • 3605 Windemere Pl. Raleigh, North Carolina - Northeast
    Came down on Wed., 6/12/13 by owners driveway and is in the street.
  • 5701 Castlebrook Dr. Raleigh, NC - Northeast
    Bank owned property has large unmaintained acreage. Roof tarp has been on for many months and is unsightly, especially for the main street in the Foxcroft subdivision.
  • Castlebrook Dr. Raleigh, NC - Northeast
    Trees need trimming to provide safety for road clearance.
    Any dead or damaged trees by the road need to be removed.
  • 3600 Windemere Pl Raleigh, NC - Northeast
    Road clearance and safety issue.
    Already had personal car damaged last fall.
    Neighbors need to trim their trees that overhang roadway and that compromise clearance.
  • Canter Lane Raleigh, NC - Northeast
    Trees impacting road travel due to height clearance needed for
    higher vehicles such as waste trucks, UPS, RV's, motorhomes, ect.
    Leaning Tree has cemented base by electrical easement. May have been removed during recent Progress Energy easement cleanup; if not then it needs to be removed for road safety issues.
  • Windemere Pl. Raleigh, NC - Northeast
    A neighbor helped the other neighbor to get it out of the street.