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  • 3130 Filbert St Oakland, CA - Clawson
    Walking to the store today a women stopped in front of me pulled down her pants and proceeded to pee on our neighbors car. This sort of thing happens many times a day. It would be nice if our street did not smell like a toilet.
  • 3150 Filbert Oakland, CA - Clawson
    There is trash lining both sides of filbert street between 30 and 32nd street. Including lumber, shopping carts, dumped concert fragments, sheet metal, and household trash.
  • 950-1014 32nd St Oakland, CA - Clawson
    Every night there are people in the park after dark. The park is supposed to close at dark yet no one enforces this rule. People are in the park yelling and screaming all hours of the night. Perhaps a patrol car could be assigned to do a drive by at dusk and clear out the park.
  • Homeless encampment Acknowledged
    3140 Filbert St Oakland, CA - Clawson
    Homeless guy has been living there for about 4 months. Sells and consumes drugs all day.