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  • Sidewalks Archived
    806 Sycamore Drive Decatur, Georgia - Decatur
    STILL NOT FIXED! Original report from 5 March was closed/archived so opening a new issue. The sidewalk has been impassable here for 1.5 months now. This presents a serious safety hazard as we are forced into the road.
  • 904 Sycamore Drive Decatur, Georgia - Decatur
    This home was purchased by a developer who has now left it vacant for over 12 months. It's a total eyesore!
  • 806 Sycamore Drive Decatur, Georgia - Decatur
    When will these be fixed? They got torn up and left like this. Makes it hard for the many pedestrians to safely pass.
  • 732 Sycamore Drive Decatur, Georgia - Decatur
  • 938 Sycamore Drive Decatur Georgia - Decatur
    the sidewalk on this section of road is inches-deep in leaves, making it tough for pedestrians to use the sidewalk. Homeowner doesn't seem responsive. Request COD assistance.
  • 894 E Ponce De Leon Ave Decatur, Georgia - Decatur
    Homeowner at 924 Sycamore (by Avondale MARTA) refuses to trim back bush that completely blocks sidewalk. (I've asked them to do so). Pedestrians forced to walk on street near major intersection with poor visibility. This is a big safety issue! Requesting bush be cut back to property line. Other vegetation from this property also blocks sidewalk, but this spot is most dangerous.
  • 964-972 Sycamore Drive And Pineview Drive Decatur, Georgia - North Decatur
    There are two very deep / large potholes on Pineview Drive (when turning from Sycamore Drive, coming from Church Street). They flood in rain time and also cause cars to bottom out if you can't avoid it. Please repair! (I think this is Dekalb County Roads & Drainage issue)
  • 920 Sycamore Decatur, GA - Decatur

    The yard waste has been lying on the curb, blocking much of the sidewalk, since 8/4. As of today, 8/21, it's still there.

    Not sure what needs to happen to get it picked up, but it's an eyesore AND makes it hard for pedestrians to use the sidewalk.

  • 420 South Pineview Court Decatur, GA 30030, USA - North Decatur
    former pothole now dangerous sinkholea
  • 419 S Pineview Ct Decatur, GA 30030, USA - North Decatur
    deep dangerous pothole, will twist ankles and damage tires