Matt Steele

  • 4552 Bloomington Ave Minneapolis 55407, United States - Northrop
    Domino's truck blocking bus stop and travel lane.
  • 4000 Bloomington Ave Minneapolis 55407, United States - Bancroft
    Abandoned car not moved since previous snowfall.
  • 4552 Bloomington Ave Minneapolis 55407, United States - Northrop
    Dominos semi parked in bus stop westbound 46th St west of Bloomington Ave.
  • Pothole Archived
    4144 Bloomington Avenue Minneapolis, MN, 55407, USA - Bancroft
    Potholes on center seam of E 42nd St east and west of Bloomington Ave which is now in the middle of the driving lane.
  • Pothole Archived
    4345 16th Ave S Minneapolis, MN, 55407, USA - Northrop
    Multiple potholes on E 44th St at/near intersection with 16th Av S.
  • 4600 Chicago Ave Minneapolis 55407 United States - Field
    404-wrt black Tahoe parked in crosswalk
  • 4555 Bloomington Ave Minneapolis 55407, United States - Northrop
    Parking in bike lane and bus stop
  • 3800 Bloomington Ave Minneapolis, MN 55407, USA - Bancroft
  • 3011 4th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA - Central
  • 3009 3rd Ave S Minneapolis, Minnesota - Central
    White SUV blocking driveway
  • 4789 18th Ave S Minneapolis, Minnesota - Northrop

    Vehicles parked on sidewalk. This blocks "traffic" as defined by MN Statutes 169.011.84.

    This is in violation of MN Statutes 169.34.1(a)(1): No person shall park a vehicle on a sidewalk.

    MN Statutes authorize officials to move/tow these vehicles, per 169.33(a).

    Thank you.

  • 4789 18th Ave S Minneapolis, Minnesota - Northrop
  • 4800 Cedar Ave Minneapolis, Minnesota - Northrop
    Sidewalk is not shoveled to within arm reach of beg button. A wheelchair user could not press the button to request permission to cross Cedar Ave. This creates a significant safety hazard. This snow is MPRB responsibility.
  • 4659 Cedar Minneapolis, Minnesota - Ericsson
  • 4639 Cedar Ave Minneapolis, Minnesota - Ericsson
  • Street Light Archived
    1750 E 44th St Minneapolis, Minnesota - Northrop
  • 201 Lowry Ave. Ne Minneapolis, Minnesota - Marshall Terrace
  • 720-798 E 47th St Minneapolis, Minnesota - Field
    Beg button SW corner 47th/Chicago is not working.
  • 2701 Wells Fargo Way Minneapolis, Minnesota - Phillips West
    Beg button NW corner 26th and 4th does not initiate ped phase crossing 26th. Also graffiti on signal. Not the first time.
  • 642-798 John Ireland Boulevard Saint Paul, Minnesota - Downtown

    UNAUTHORIZED SIGN, SIGNAL, OR MARKING in violation of MN Statute 169.07.
    "(b) Every such prohibited sign, signal, or marking is hereby declared to be a public nuisance, and the authority having jurisdiction over the highways is hereby empowered to remove the same, or cause it to be removed, without notice."

    Also blocking part of bicycle lane.