Marianne GAeta

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  • Road Issue Archived
    24 Citrus Dr Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    We were promised to have our roads in the Lake Shore estates area worked on to have the flooding and drainage and erosion issues worked on starting Jan 2. A community meeting last Oct had someone promise this would be done. NOTHING is happening yet and now we are told we were never told that. A bunch of liars. Now they say maybe in June right as hurricane season starts so they have another excuse not to do it. FED UP with the lies
  • Road Issue Acknowledged
    24 Citrus Dr Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    For 10 yrs promised to have road fixed and additional drainage on the rd due to erosion and flooding. It was supposed to be started this month (the latest lie) So far nothing has been done and the phone # given are no longer working. I am going to the media about this problem, every time the allotted money for this is used elsewhere and our rd gets worse all the time. Some one better get this done.
  • Flooding Archived
    24 Citrus Dr Palm HArbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Lied to yet again about getting our street flooding and erosion problem taken care of...8 yrs now, we were to be on the list to be done by this OCT, now some other B S story, lie lie lie, this county is the worst for its taxpayers....I want my road fixed, big mini lakes in front of mailboxes and driveways during rain storms. Cannot walk down the street due to the puddles...Lie Lie Lie.
  • 24 Citrus Drive Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    for 8 yrs we have drainage problems, flooding, no one has done a thing,,been promised time again we on the agenda, lied to, the money always used for something else. Standing water with mosquitos is dangerous day
    after day. Cant walk the dogs in the street people splash all over us. I am sick of something I cannot get to my paper or mailbox without standing in 4 inches of water. WE pay taxes, so fix the @#$% road.