Rank: City Fixer Civic Points: 3,920
  • 2571 Drew St Clearwater 33765, United States - Clearwater
    Eastbound Drew Street before 19. Pavement is wet. Water is bubbling up from a manhole cover.
  • 20077–20079 Us Highway 19 N Clearwater 33764, United States - Clearwater
    W. Bound Seville Blvd. at the light at 19. Request sign reminding drivers that the first right turn lane can turn right on red, but the second right turn lane cannot turn right on red. Thank you.
  • 1–45 S Old Coachman Rd Clearwater 33765, United States - Clearwater
    It would be nice if there was a street sign on northbound old coachman as you are approaching Drew Street that says what lane you should be in for left straight and right turns.Thank you.
  • 712 S Keene Rd Clearwater 33756, United States - Clearwater
    Southbound on Keene Road today mid morning on Friday. Red light at Gulf to Bay. Then we got stop at Druid and Nursery for red lights too. Doesn’t make sense. Lake and McMullen were green, we turned off at the Mc Mullen.Thanks.
  • 1699–1721 Union St Clearwater 33755, United States - Clearwater
    Hole developing under sidewalk near manhole in grassy area on south side of Union Street.
  • 1347–1399 County Road 1 Dunedin 34698, United States - Dunedin
    please check timing of lights northbound Keene Road during Wednesday evening rush-hour. After stopping at the red light at 580, we Also had to stop at Saint Christopher. We slow down for the tail end of the red light at Solon Avenue. Got stopped at Curlew. Slow down for the end of the red light at Tampa. Got to stop at Nebraska Avenue. Thanks.
  • 669–711 E Lake Rd S Tarpon Springs 34688, United States - East Lake
    Please correct timing of the lights. I stopped at every cross street with traffic signal on northbound 611 between Curlew Road and Keystone Road. Thanks
  • 1270 S Keene Rd Clearwater 33756, United States - Commission District 5
    Please fix timing. Traveling southbound on King Road on Saturday morning. Stopped at golf to Bay Boulevard, stopped at Lakeview, stopped at nursery. Luckily green at BellAir and Rosery.
  • Hercules Ave N & Lakewood Dr Hercules Avenue North, FL 33765, United States of America - Commission District 2
    Above ground Watermain Dripping with small puddle on concrete slab under it. Located directly in front of Athenian academy school at 2289 Hercules Ave.
  • 1281 South Keene Road Clearwater, FL 33756, United States of America - Commission District 5
    At approximately 10:10 AM, I made a left turn from Union Street onto Keene Road southbound. We got the green lights at Sunset point Road, Drew Street, and Cleveland. This is unusual. We stopped for the red light at Gulf to Bay. Unfortunately, we then had to stop again at Druid, LakeView, and Nursery. Luckily we got the greenlight at BelleAir Rd about 10:17 AM. Thank you.
  • Hercules Ave N & Allard Dr Hercules Avenue North, Mecca, FL 33765, United States of America - Commission District 2
    Ongoing issue for years. ditch along side the gas station fills up and backs onto street. Every rainfall.
  • 187-231 Keene Rd Largo, FL 33771, USA - Largo
    Every morning on Keene Road south, I have to stop at Gulf to Bay. This is understandable. What's not understandable is that some mornings I have to stop at every single light between Gulf-to-Bay and E. Bay Dr.! Some mornings I only have to stop at some of them. Besides having to stop at all the lights, it bunches up traffic so that one it's impossible to change lanes and two by the time you reach the speed limit you are slowing down again for the next light. Thank you!
  • 2289 N Hercules Ave Clearwater, FL 33763, USA - Commission District 2
    To yield signs are laying in the grass in front of the school. Left over from the intersection construction at Hercules Greenbrier Virginia.
  • 2089-2099 N Hercules Ave Clearwater, FL 33763, USA - Charter Oaks
    Bus stop sign laying down next to the bus stop bench – N. Hercules Ave. just south of charter Oaks, and across from Valencia Park
  • Road Issue Archived
    2401-2493 Countryside Blvd Clearwater, FL 33763, USA - Clearwater
    1. Hooray for installing right turn only lane markings from westbound Countryside Blvd onto northbound Belcher Rd. 2. Please re-draw the dashed left turned lines painted across the same intersection in the opposite direction. When waiting to turn left onto Countryside Blvd, the dashed lines (separating the 2 lanes turning left) go straight first, then turn. However, due to the crown of the road, you can't see the dashed curve part until you are out there. This means the Right Lane left turners have to make a sharp left. (Except us locals who ignore the dashes and make a clean turn.) And the Left Lane left turners sometimes switch lanes because they don't realize both lanes can turn left. Thus cutting off the Right Lane left turner. Thanks!
  • 1701 N Hercules Ave Clearwater, FL 33765, USA - Commission District 2
    Deceased black-and-white cat lying on side of northbound Hercules in Clearwater, north of the railroad tracks, next to the recycling in mulch Center.
  • Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail Dunedin, FL 34698, USA - Dunedin
    Unusual to see a 20 mph sign on the ground next to the bike trail. Laying in the grass near the American Legion on Wilson.
  • Sign in grass on northwest corner of Allard drive and Riviera, Clearwater.
  • 2105 Greenbriar Blvd Clearwater, FL 33763, USA - Greenbriar Club
    Dead bird in street gutter - several days- probably a peahen.
  • 2163-2187 Sunset Point Rd Clearwater, FL 33765, USA - Clearwater
    Once again, the lights on Sunset point Road need their timing reviewed. Eastbound, 4:15 PM, Thursday afternoon. Stopped at a red light at Belcher Road, again at old coachman, again at world Parkway,and again at Lawson, before I turned left onto Lawson. In fact, I almost had to sit through two cycles of the light at Sunset point and Belcher, because the light turned yellow as I was driving through it.