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  • School Ground Rd &E Main St Branford, CT - Branford
    At the light near the Chowder Pot on E. Main St in Branford and at the corner of School Ground Rd there is a hole that is long and narrow that needs to be filled. It was okay till this bad weather.
  • 217 Main St Wallingford, CT - Wallingford
    As you go down Main St before and after Dunkin Donuts there are gutter drains that were put in over 2 weeks ago but not sealed in. They all have orange cones on them on the left and right side of the street. I put this on Wallingford Patch and no one is answering why it is taking so long. Also Mr Zandri who is running for Mayor has a big sign near Dunkin Donuts where one of the cones is never responded.
  • 1145 N Colony Rd Wallingford, Wallingford, Connecticut - Wallingford
    There is a broken curb above the Staples Plaza near the Goodwill side of the plaza. It has been like this over 2 weeks and getting worse. I feel some people have run in to it because it is more out in the driveway with more broken pieces. Someone might get hurt especially at night when going shopping. It is between North Colony Rd and Main St. There is a large sign on the N Colony Rd side that says "Staples Plaza" at the bottom of the sign it says there is space and the number to call is -1-800-998-3440. I called the number, I wanted to report the curb and when I called recorded voice says "We're sorry the number you dialed cannot be reached from your area". So I don't know who to contact.
  • Bishiop St north haven, CT - North Haven
    On the corner of Bishop and State St in North Haven there is an arrow to take a left turn. The green arrow does not go on anymore for over a month. When you are at the light there is two lanes of traffic going toward Upper State St and two lanes going to North Haven/Hamden. Now the arrow light just turns yellow. So every side is stopped at the red light but not sure when to go left because the arrow is not lite anymore.
  • 326 Main St Wallingford, CT - Wallingford
    There are 5 Irish cows on 326 Main St near Galleria Pizza & Restaurant. The cows are out in all kinds of weather. They lay out on the cold ground or go underneath a place that looks like where they feed that has a roof. A few months ago I spoke with the owner about the cows protection from the weather. He said the gate is open and they could go in the barn. I see the gate is open but the barn now looks like it is collapsing. I see the cows near the gate. They are always out side of it even though the gate is opened. There are 5 cows, it looks like 2 females a male and 2 baby cows of different sizes. I would like to have someone check the building to see if there are any code violations and why the cows may not be going inside in all this bad and cold weather. I pass that way a lot so I do see them outside. I don't know much about cows how these cows are cared for but I think the building inspector should check this out and maybe an animal welfare group could get more information.