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  • St.Anthony Street And Quinnipiac Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Quinnipiac
    There seems to be a dispute over who should clean the main entrance of St.Anthony Street and Quinnipiac Ave that entrance leads to give complexes and one is managed by New Haven Housing Authority (St.Anthony 1&2) the other complexes are private residences (Cherry Hill and Harbor Crest) in which the private residences pay a condo few for the upkeep of the common areas and what I was told housing is supposed to help pay for that upkeep also. But over the past several years this hasn't been getting done because of a dispute over who should pay what and exactly what responsibility housing has in that area. Meanwhile the main entrance remains trashy and Audrey Richards resident of Cherry Hill (Treasurer of the Quinnipiac East Management Team former president of Cherry Hill complex) takes it upon herself from time to time to keep that main entrance clean. Also her nieghbor from the adjacent condo Donald Spencer (Co-Chair/Secretary of the Quinnipiac East Management Team) joined her over the past few weeks to help clean up he did it when he gets out of work. So they at the last management team meeting they brought their concerns to the Hon.Renee Haywood (Alder of Ward 11) and today in between her busy schedule she took the time out to help she wasn't ashamed of digging in and getting her hands dirty. Donald, Audrey, and many other residents brought their concerns to housing and spoke to Housing, LCI (Livable City Initiative), and New Haven PD at several meetings over the past several years going back to Lt. Anastasio they are still dealing with the same old issues not only them but the Quinnipiac Hieghts community as a whole their complaints have been the same a lot of them gave up on the management team meetings and some are deciding to move we have fast food restaurants and convenient stores in the area their trash adorns are grass and side walks and they do nothing to pitch in to help beautify the nieghborhood and the onest is not all on them people throw their trash down and walk by trash they cant bend over to pick it up like they got their hands on backwards. So the kids follow suit we need more if the community getting involved in keeping their neighborhood clean this is Connecticut we shouldn't have to live like wildlife and people should take pride where they live and show a little civility not trash up the area and say "nobodys doing nothing" it starts with us if we want safe clean neighborhoods get involved and also talk to The different departments of the City of New Haven and see what they can do and if they promise something hold them to it we all have a part.
  • 1423 Quinnipiac Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Quinnipiac

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    Trash and reopened pot holes

    This is the entryway to Housing Authority Cherry Hill, Hidden quarry, Harbor Crest, St.Johns1-2 condos me (Mark Spencer) and a friend (Audrey Richards)went and took the effort to clean up the entire entryway This is a before picture and after (I can only paste one picture at a time) just wanted to let all of the condo associations and board members know about it takes no effort nothing but a minute to pick up the trash. Although we shouldn't have to because we all pay condo fees for cleanup and assessment. There's no reason for it to look like this walk in the property you have leaves and debris everywhere in the condos they're not picking it up and taking it away they are blowing it all over the place which is wrong we are paying for it to be token off all the properties you also have drains that need to be cleaned out for water flow which and on top of that the potholes in front of the entryway are coming back open you guys just patched them in March of this year (Quinnipiac Avenue and St.John entryway) it needs to be cut out and done correctly we are all paying out too much money to have this issue it needs to be addressed for safety all of the condo units have a percentage that they have to share but nobody is putting any percentage at all into the cleaning.
    It looks clean now and hopefully all the condo units will take heed to this.
    Donald Spencer Co-Chair of Quinnipiac East Management Team


  • 566 Eastern Street New Haven, Connecticut - Quinnipiac

    I live on Eastern Street. I went to the Management meetings but stopped going, all the things I and my neighbors talked about never gotten taken care of. Then I was told LCI would be there I thought good they will deal with the issues. We have three trees the apartments next door won't  take care of two of the the roots are coming up in my yard. One of them the roots are growing towards my house and eventually are going to do damage. The third tree has a huge hole and is rotted. The dumpsters are full and furniture is piled up around them. Also the rats that are running around, well now they are running in mine and my neighbors yards and we are finding dead rats in our yards.  We have check our yards everyday before we put our dogs out don't  know if the rats are diseased or poisoned. The owner of the apartments ( at the time they changed owners)  blamed the house on Quinnipiac next to Popeyes. 

    When LCI was there I went and showed him a picture of the dumpsters and and the trees. I was told he'd deal with well I was told the trees maybe a civil issue. And the dumpster and trash blowing all over is still there.

    Then there is seven eleven with all the trash they don't pickup. Also the dumping at the end of the street in the woods. Nothing has changed or is getting dealt with.

    I work two jobs seven days a week and I spend time off picking up other people garbage. To me no disrespect the meeting were a waste of time. No one did anything.

    Mike Kosko

  • 1425 Quinnipiac Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Quinnipiac

    These are incidents that happened at Hidden Quarry and Harborcrest April 19 in the morning around 4:45am and 6am there were cars being broken into and some cars were that were left open. At my board meeting yesterday for Harbor Crest at building #1 someone broke into a car and at building #2 there were was evidence that they tried breaking in other cars. We would like a police patrol to come to those complex around 4am to 6am just to patrolled the area I will be bringing this to the Quinnipiac East Management Team (which Iam one of the co-chair) at our next meeting to discuss these matters further.
    I would like also for our condos in the area to come together and cut out the entrance way were all contractors enter no matter what they maintain they use that entryway with their trucks and plows  we all know that tires on our cars do not make those kind of holes in the ground they come from the contractors big trucks. I also want to figure out what percentage Housing is supposed to pay for the upkeep of the common way at 1425 Quinnipiac Ave they say that we all have a percentage that we all Are responsible for we need to find out how much that will cost and get it done so we won’t have any accidents with vehicles and children that have to wait on a corner
    Thank you kindly,

    Donald Spencer

  • 363 Eastern Street New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven Heights
    There is a huge pothole that had been at the corner of 1423 Quinnipiac and St.Anthony over the past year and a half it has been filled in at least 6 times each time it gets bigger and bigger the I contacted Public Works but to no avail I talked to Housing zero this hole is huge and deep its on the entrance to a small street that leads to several complexes and that's the only way in and out im afraid an ambulance will get damaged along with other cars going to and from an emergency or people just going home PLEASE HELP! I talked to diffrent city departments at the Management Team meetings no one's accepting responsibility or wants to help. (This is being posted on the behalf of Donald Spencer of 203 Harbor Crest along with many many residents who live up in that cluster of complexes)
  • Lexington & Howard (Corner) New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven Heights
    Cars parking dangerously close to the end of Lexington leading into Howard where it's obscuring traffic really cannot get out we request speed bump are stop sign.
  • Palmieri And Smith Street New Haven, Ct - Quinnipiac
    No lights in the Park on the corner of Palmieri and Smith St. There is activity of drug selling and using at night under the cover of darkness a light would be helpful to combat this problem
  • 437a Eastern Street New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven Heights
    Always trash in front of main entrance on Eastern Street wherebus stop is please put some trash cans there Thank you.