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  • 68 Maple Ave Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    This grate has had city workers fussing with it at least twice a year for years. At least a couple of months of this past summer, it was dug up, and there were traffic cones for months. Despite all this, it constantly stinks of raw sewage, and has as long as I've lived in the neighborhood. I have to assume there's something leaking from the municipal sewage lines into the stormdrains at this location, and I hate to think of the sanitary conditions whereever those drains let out!
  • 270 Pawling Ave Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    This right turn lane has been made into a bus stop. People constantly try to pass buses on the left, assuming they will turn, only to be run onto the wrong side of the road when the bus pulls out. Also, right on the bus stop sign, there is also a parking sign that tells you that you can't park there on Wednesday mornings, implying that the rest of the time it's A-OK to park a) in a turn-lane and b) in a bus stop.