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  • State Highway 100 Pottstown, PA 19464, USA - Pottstown
    Jake brakes are prohibited in the Boro ! Slow down truckers and ya won't need to use your jake brakes or retarders coming down the hill on 100 south. Pottstown Boro needs to enforce their ordinance or build sound barriers along 100 to muffle the excessive traffic and braking noise! Nothing is more annoying than enjoying peaceful time in your backyard while having to pause and listen to some disgruntled trucker shift down 10 gears with full retard and illegal exhaust echoing across the Manatawny and shaking my windows. Have some respect truckers for the locals!
  • 293 Manatawny St Pottstown, PA 19464, USA - Pottstown
    People have to cross - but instead of crossing randomly, crosswalks would provide a safer option. We need the crosswalks with the signs that remind people it is PA law to stop for those actively crossing in a crosswalk. Other towns use them - ya have seen them.