Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 520
  • 1250-1298 Dennis Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20901, USA - Kemp Mill
    The sign indicating the pedestrian crossing at Sligo Creek Trail and Dennis Ave (eastbound) is PAST the trail / crossing since the trail was re-aligned a few months ago. I've witnessed numerous close calls because vehicles think the crossing is past the sign. Moving the sign 25 meters west on Dennis would alleviate the issue.
  • 19 Whinstone St Coram, NY 11727, USA - Coram
    There are numerous branches and large piles if leaves in the traffic lanes on Whinstone St. and Whitney Lane. There have not been any township trucks working in this area since the storm.
  • 2711 Plyers Mill Rd Wheaton-Glenmont, MD 20902, USA - Wheaton-Glenmont
    The school zone speed limit sign on westbound Plyers Mill Rd for Oakland Terrace Elementary School is not stanched with the eastbound sign. Neither sign flash when I've seen students walking to the school in the morning.
  • 2300 Plyers Mill Rd Silver Spring, MD 20902, USA - Wheaton-Glenmont
    The median sign was struck and is in the southbound left lane of Georgia Ave.
  • 10919 Horde St Silver Spring, MD 20902, USA - Wheaton-Glenmont
    The main bundle is splitting away from its support cable. A Verizon tech told me he submitted a job on it in June, but nothing has been done. The cable is on Alberti Dr. near the intersection w/ Horde St.