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  • 4 Wycomb Ct Coram, NY 11727, USA - Coram
    street light in front of the house is totally out. sometimes it comes on and then goes off and sometimes it doesn't come on at all. 2nd report about this in less than a month.
  • Street light Archived
    4 Wycomb Court Coram, New York - Coram
    Street light malfunctioning. Goes on and off randomly throughout the night and is very dim leaving the area quite dark.
  • 26 Whinstone St Coram, New York - Coram
    Pothole and damaged road in front of above location.
  • 4 Wycomb Court Coram - Coram

    Some tree limbs, branches, leaves needing to be picked up.

    Town was here once so far.

  • 4 Wycomb Ct Coram, New York - Coram

    Curb in front house has been broken for years and has a chunk of concrete missing.

    The street in front of the house is damaged and coming up (going on since road was resurfaced years ago), and holes forming in front of driveway.

  • Lincoln Ave & Church St Bohemia - Bohemia
    Road flooding
  • Wellsley Lane Coram Ny 11727 - Coram
    Wellsley Lane between wilmont turn and Wycomb Place: all street lights have been out for a few months now.
  • 176 Dare Rd Selden, New York - Selden
    Road is badly damaged at intersection of Dare road and John Street, across from 176 Dare road. Northbound traffic is mainly affected by this damage. The damage is surrounding the manhole cover and water shut off valves in the road. Please fix.
  • 14 Wycomb Place Coram - Coram
    Street light at the corner of Wycomb Place and Wycomb Court is out
  • Flooding Archived
    998 Crooked Hill Road Brentwood, NY 11717, USA - Deerpark
    Major flooding at the intersection of crooked Hill Road and G Road
  • 601 Hawkins Road Selden, NY 11784, USA - Selden
    Major road flooding in front of the elementary school on hawkins road from the curb line going across the double yellow line in the middle of the road.
  • 4 Wycomb Court Coram, NY 11727, USA - Coram
    Wycomb court needs to be plowed and sanded. Was plowed once during the storm but not after and has not been sanded.
  • 4 Wycomb Court Coram, NY 11727, USA - Coram
    All street lights on wycomb court are out
  • Wilmont Turn & Welsley Lane Coram Ny - Coram
    Street light in front of house is out. When looking towards wilmont turn from welsley lane, it is the 1st house across the street to the left on wilmont turn. This has been out for a long time.
  • street lights Archived
    Wilmont Turn & Locust Avenue Coram Ny - Coram
    Street light is out. Pole is located at brown house on wilmont turn directly across from Locust Avenue. When on locust avenue looking at wilmont turn, the house is straight ahead and pole is on left side of driveway. This light has been out for quite some time and the roadway is very dark.
  • Locust Ave & Woodbine Street Coram Ny - Coram
    Street light at intersection of locust avenue & woodbine street has been non-functional for quite some time. Roadway is very dark.
  • Wycomb Place & Wycomb Court - Coram
    Street light on the corner of wycomb place and wycomb court is out. The one in front of 4 wycomb court is also going on and off intermittently.
  • street light Archived
    4 Wycomb Court Coram, NY 11727, USA - Coram
    Street light goes on and off intermittently, it's 11:15pm and it just went on for a second then right off. This is not the first time it's happened.
  • Bluepoint Road & Cavalier Lane Holtsville, NY 11742, USA - Holtsville
    Very low hanging tree limb into the middle of the roadway causing traffic to swerve.
  • 4 Wycomb Court Coram, NY 11727, USA - Coram
    curbside street light out for over 1 week.