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  • 209-303 Dover St New Haven, CT - Chatham Square
    Don't know if it's referred to as a "berm" - the part between the road & sidewalk is what I'm talking about. There are no houses for the addresses listed so nobody cuts the grass. Don't recall it being a problem like this before. Is DPW responsible?
  • Clinton Avenue School & Dover Street New Haven, CT - Chatham Square
    The above is artfully painted on the sign on Clinton Avenue facing Dover Street. To the little girls & boys that did this, please tell your parents to watch you a little closer and/or reprimand you when needed. If you don't know who that is, aks one of your teachers for help because you need it.
  • 165-203 Dover St New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Chatham Square

    If you're tired of complaining and getting nowhere about traffic that's too fast and dangerous, we may have a solution from an unlikely place that can help you!

    Your own back yard!

    We've tried and perfected this technique and found it really effective AND deceptively simple - especially at this time of the year. Here's how it works: Take a leaf blower to all your yard debris - leaves, acorns, small sticks, etc, (careful, nothing too big!), and BLOW IT INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. That's all there is to it! Think of the time and energy you'll save on bagging! And it really works. Guaranteed - those pesky little 60mph-on-a-residential-street buzz boxes DO NOT WANT TO DRIVE THROUGH IT at high speed.

    Seriously, it works.