• 503 South 22nd Street Philadelphia, PA 19146, United States of America - Fitler Square
    Boarded up windows in fitler square. Eye sore, unnecessary. Not sure if this is legal given current derelict window statutes.
  • 126 S 20th St Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA - Rittenhouse Square
    These racks were installed a few years ago in front of the Shakeshack but have not been maintained at all. The racks are falling over and the white guards are just lying on the ground. Looks very ugly and poorly maintained - city funded litter. Not sure if Shakeshack or the city is responsible for upkeep but if we can't maintain these types of installations then let's stop spending $$ on them.
  • Homeless Camp مفتوح
    120 S 15th St Philadelphia, PA 19102, USA - Rittenhouse Square
    NW Corner of 15th and Samson. For the past few weeks, a couple has stored their belongings (suitcases, pillows, crates, blankets) and basically set up a camp on the sidewalk. Their belongings have not moved, clearly being stored here. This needs to get taken care of - my company is located next door.
  • 518 S 22nd St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Fitler Square

    A derelict, graffiti covered forklift crane has been parked at the corner of 22nd and Naudain for about 5 weeks now. No permit is associated with the vehicle and it is parked outside of any PPA zoned space.

    As a tax paying homeowner next door to this, I'd love for this eye sore to be taken care of.

  • 2200 South St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - City Center West
    At the corner of 22nd and South at least 3 days a week for the last few years is an aggressive mentally ill man. The police are routinely alerted to his presence and nothing is apparently done. I normally don't care about this behavior as its part of the city, but he's made my wife and child feel uncomfortable on a few occasions and that's not acceptable. I'm a homeowner, paying $7000/yr in taxes and feel my family should have the right to walk in and out of our house without feeling threatened.
  • Largest weed in center city تم حفظه في الأرشيف
    1641 Lombard St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - City Center West
    About 5 ft by 5ft around. Thanks Verizon!
  • Trash explosion تم حفظه في الأرشيف
    405 S 22nd Street - Fitler Square
    Unsecured trash, sidewalk passable
  • Debris falling from building تم حفظه في الأرشيف
    2201 South Street Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - City Center West
    This is the back of the old L2 restaurant. Pieces of debris have fallen from the building's exterior onto sidewalk.
  • Steam pipe intrusion تم حفظه في الأرشيف
    517 South 22nd Street Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Fitler Square
    These steam pipes have been up for months with no update to the property. Not only are they an eyesore they also obstruct the sidewalk.
  • 312-318 South 17th Street Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA - Rittenhouse Square
    Thx AMCDelancey Realty for not requiring your tenants to put trash or recycling curbside securely in bags or bins. Each week your properties are a litter nuisance.
  • 1700 Bainbridge Street Philadelphia - Schuylkill Southwest
    A large pile of trash has been festering on the sidewalk for over a week now. Artists Villa is routinely filthy and poorly maintained, but this needs to be reported.
  • 725 S 17th Street 19146 - Schuylkill Southwest
    Overgrown weeds are out of control and encroaching into sidewalk.
  • Hey SOSNA! تم حفظه في الأرشيف
    19th St & Christian St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest
    Pull your bloody weeds!