St.Aug mom

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  • 211 North State St Raleigh, NC - Falls Of Neuse
    the rooming house which is in an ongoing violation and is now being readied for rent has TRASHED both sides of the property with huge piles of rubble and garbage daily increasing and spreading to street and all neighboring properties. Saddest is that all during christmas week when we have all tried to decorate and beautify for our families , this is an insult. The police want to know why there is no dumpster, it is unsafe and now other people are dumping large garbage like carpet in the road next to the junk. ALL NEIGHBORS AGREE , our home values are shot because of this house .
  • 1019 E Jones St Raleigh, NC - North Central
    This is an embarassment and a health hazard. yesterday i took some new St Augustine's University students home after showing them some of Raleigh. They were uncomfortable when they saw the slum conditions of the State St and Jones street houses near the Tarboro rd Community Center ( where voting will take place) My house is on North State St, and already I have had people indicate they were afraid to visit us and shocked by the filth that has been left there for most of the summer. The city policy is obviously not serving the citizens, I do not care if a "housing case" has been filed, ( weeks ago now) it is horrible to be made to live near this health hazard of rats with fleas, flies, parasites, and waste. the garbage consists of household items left in the weather and food garbage, bottles cans yard waste, mattress,etc. Children live and play in and around this mess, and it stinks. Everyday people add to the garbage. Now the across the street house has put out a pile of furniture and garbage in bags, i have watched the garbage collectors and all kinds of city of raleigh public works trucks and crews pass all of this by many many times, the inspection protocol and RESPONSE needs to change,this is a travesty. I would like a tax rebate in lieu of how much de-valued my properties have become from the neighborhood conditions being a festering sore. This summer the crime on North State St. has been continuous and it is apparent that the economic real value of this are does not match the assessed basis of our tax bills. .My family has been subjected to living near this squalor long enough. Step up to the responsibility and have this cleaned up. Start enforcing what's on the streets and important instead of nit picking, Broken TVS are Toxic, Broken glass= hospital time, Rats lead to rabies, and worse. TAKE CARE OF THIS NOW! I don't want to explain to another college student who has come to NC that St AUGUSTINES is in a ghetto that nobody cares about! This junk is dragging our whole city down one neighborhood at a time.