Laura Goren

Rank: Civic Crusader Civic Points: 305
  • 1304 Decatur Street Richmond, Virginia - Blackwell
    A large branch has fallen in the alley and is balanced against a cable that is strung between two light poles. At least one of the poles is leaning.
  • 15 East 13th Street Richmond, Virginia - Blackwell
    As of this morning at 8:30am, there was a large pile of trash (old couch, wood, etc) completely blocking the sidewalk on the west side of 13th street between Hull and Decatur.
  • 1300 Decatur St Richmond, Virginia - Blackwell
    The pedestrian-scale street light on the black pole in front of 1300 Decatur St (on the Decatur Street side) is burned out.
  • 1300 Decatur Street Richmond, Virginia - Blackwell
    The street light at the southwest corner of 13th and Decatur (in front of 1300 Decatur) is burned out.