Rank: Municipal Avenger Puntos Cívicos: 515
  • 26 Kathy Dr Seymour, Connecticut - Seymour
    Street light across from 27 Kathy Dr. does not stay on. Street light is acting erratically. Stays on for over a minute, then goes off. This behavior repeats continuously.
  • 23 Kathy Dr Seymour, CT - Seymour
    The storm drain in the street in the front of this property is clogged with leaves and debris.
  • 9 Kathy Dr. Seymour, CT - Seymour
    The owner does not manage the growth of the shrubs. These shrubs are located on a sharp corner. Drivers cannot see over the shrubs, causing many a near-miss accident.
  • 24-62 Kathy Dr Seymour, CT 06483, USA - Seymour
    The street light is no longer working. The area is very dark.