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  • 1536-1598 Montrose Street Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest

    Sometime between Friday morning and Saturday afternoon house broken into. Bike, cash, and laptop computers stollen. Please report anything strange seen last night.

    Bike: grey hybrid Cannondale 15 speed. front and back lights, rack on the back. Also take was a u-lock and key which were also in the house.

    Serial number on computer:
    Mac laptop over 9 years old. Doesn't work well but it has a lot of my school work on it.

  • 1000-1098 S 16th St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest
    The PPA just started ticketing cars on the west side of the street for "blocking driveway". If any of this building had cars or trucks driving in that would make sense. But there is nothing of the sort. One car was directly in front of the store front for the restaurant. I have trouble with the PPA making stuff up and the pedestrian entrance to a store is definitely not a driveway. There is a driveway on the other side (east side) but the building on the west side has no vehicle entrance or any sign to indicate anything others then pedestrian entrance to stores. I want the PPA to stop giving false tickets. I know some areas have been more lax and they are cracking down... But this is just ridiculous! There should have to be a driveway before anyone can get a ticket for blocking one.