• 423 Broome St ny, NY - Soho
    here they go again - why take my lillies? we should get a camera to see who steals the flowers from my buildings' planter, outside of a Soho fashion shop. What gives? Maybe the 8th time? See the dirt aea? that is where a white bell flower and a pink one with green edging used to flourish, full and blooming, as you see the others, or maybe since they spill over the edge you don't see all from this angle. Drag.
  • 423 Broome Street New York, NY - City Council District 1
    See the beautiful blue hydrangea? it lasted just through Easter, then someone stole them, and filled the hole by re-locating our tulip. Nasty. It was expensive for us and was meant to enhance our shop's entryway, where the planter stands. These flowers make everyone's trip pleasant, and stealing them for private use is deeply mean spirited, and should be vigorously stopped. They were taken between 3 and 6 on a busy Saturday. Who saw that? who is doing this?
  • 423 Broome Street Manhattan, New York, NY - Soho
    Yes, they disrupted the street, yes they displayed long tables full of 1. breakfast, 2. lunch and snack foods under tents, yes they blocked the street with no parking and their vans and mobile homes, but then THEY ALSO LEFT THEIR TRASH, and it was NOT A PICK-UP NIGHT. So we had their trash for a couple of days. Yes, this happens often, though usually the movie crew does not even bag the refuse. Also there was more at two spots down the block. Why do they get so many concessions? If we got a ticket. . .
  • 436 Broome St Manhattan, New York, NY - Soho
    the drivers honk all day, they get no where, there is just lots of other people crossing Manhattan on streets who should be using the Verrazano Bridge from Long Island to New Jersey, but they'd rather save the, what, $12? so they sit in traffic. so they get esasperated at the long wait. whose fault is that? why do we residents have to endure this? ! ?
  • 430 Broome Street Manhattan, New York, NY - Soho
    This is 5pm Thanksgiving and the drivers going west to the tunnel have lined up along Broome St and impatiently honked incessantly one leaves off as the nest starts up, since about 9 this morning. SHown, they block the grid: green light, but North bound car cannot cross them. PEDESTRIANS have to weave through tight knit of cars. The driver of one was texting and when he sensed the traffic move DID'NT LOOK UP WHILE HE RELEASED THE BRAKE AND STARTED ROLLING FORWARD, which would have HIT ME crossing with the light, except that I was on the lookout and dodged successfully. THIS IS DANGEROUS! You would not live like this - why make us???
  • 423 Broome Street Manhattan, New York, NY - Soho
    The many stem pink lily I planted last week, STOLEN before they opened; not before the already flowering three dark blue HYACINTHS were STOLEN; you do not see them in this planter, because they were taken overnight, or late afternoon. Was it some New Jersey driver angry and bored by the gridlock caused from so many drivers avoiding the one-way toll on the Verrazano bridge? is there a serial thief in the neighborhood?
  • 213-235 Mulberry St New York, NY 10012, USA - Little Italy
    This was not done by a passing truck, it is on the sidewalk side, looks just like the ripped branches on two other Soho sites, as if someone hung onto it and pulled it back until it tore the limb.
  • 423 Broome Street New York, NY - Soho
    Eight cyclamen flowering plants stolen at night from my buildings planter after I had just replaced the previous stolen group.
  • 423 Broome Street New York, NY - Soho
    After I have worked to make our building's Soho planter pleasant with flowers, someone steal them.
  • 423 Broome Street Manhattan, New York, NY - Soho

    My building's Japanese Maple was ripped, branches torn in two, about 6 PM on a Friday night.

    May 21, 2011: just planed another, and some flowers; let's hope they don't get wrecked, or stolen. This morning I saw someone had placed their garbage in the flowers, though. I wonder how that would be viewed in New Jersey?