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  • 888-898 North Euclid Avenue Tucson, Arizona - West University
    In the median of Euclid Ave where it intersects N 2nd St......the sign alerting cars that, Hey, there is a crosswalk here.....has been knocked down by a vehicle. It was lying there in the median strip this evening. This crossing was dangerous enough as it was (muchos carros, and no illumination);...and now it's deadly. The City needs to give this a High priority.
  • 1605 North 2nd Avenue Tucson, AZ - Northwest
    On N 2nd Ave, between & including the intersections with Elm and Lee looks like a bombed-out airstrip, the road has so many potholes. I'd say, including the two intersections, this stretch of 2nd Ave has roughly 15 potholes of small to medium size, with some as deep as 7 inches.........
  • 547-599 E 1st St Tucson, AZ - West University
    Right in the middle of the quiet intersection of 1st Street and 2nd Ave, there's a pothole that's about 1 foot by 4 foot by, mmm, maybe 4-5 inches deep. This has been growing from a baby pothole into a bigger beast; sorry i didn't post this as an issue earlier. :-\
  • Speedway And N 4th Ave Tucson, AZ - Feldman's
    For 6 months or so, there has only been one 1-meter high pylon marking the bike lane at the south border of the intersection. There were TWO, originally. As of today, the remaining pylon has been trampled down (by a car, i would assume) and is laying at the side of the bike lane.
  • 1221 N 3rd Ave Tucson, AZ - Feldman's
    a fresh one but a notable one. Approx. 40 cm x 80 cm x 8 cm deep pothole. Right in the middle of 3rd Ave between Helen and Mabel Streets.
  • E Speedway Blvd And N 4th Ave Tucson, AZ - Feldman's
    On the northeast corner of the intersection of 4th and Speedway there is a button (on a lightpost) that one pushes in order to get the Walk signal to cross southward across Speedway. That button now.....does not work (no beep when you press it; no Walk signal is generated).
  • Speedway And 4th Ave Tucson, AZ - Feldman's
    There were two white ~1m-high polymer/plastic pylons denoting, on the south side of the intersection , "Bike lane only; no cars". Well, evidently a car smashed into one, busted it out, and now there is only one pylon : Unsafe.
  • Pothole trio Archived
    2nd Ave And Helen St Tucson, AZ - Feldman's
    It's Nov 8, 2010, and there is a trio of potholes in this intersection. One is deep and manhole-sized, and if a cyclist hits it at night, they may be in the ER of a hospital.