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  • 1721 Park Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    For months now, there has been an ongoing leak of water coming up through a crack in the street in front of 1721 Park.. My wife has submitted two reports of this leak, and this problem has not been addressed or resolved. I have seen workers get out of their vehicle to inspect, but nothing has changed. Water flows now to both sides of the street. We have an elderly neighbor who walks with difficulty and who worries, when the water turns to ice, about slipping as she enters or exits her car. Please fix this leak. Undoubtedly, someone is losing water. Thanks.
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    1712 Park Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    On the sidewalk in front of 1712 Park Avenue, there is an active leak, from an access labeled "Richmond Water Meter." The water has been leaking into the street and collecting along the curb for several weeks.
  • 2300 Stuart Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    Laying on the sidewalk on the south side of the 2300 block of Stuart Avenue, just behind Fox School's playground, is a dead tree which broke mid-trunk in heavy winds two weeks ago.