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  • Morgan Utah, United States - Morgan County
    The lights are out and have now been flashing for a few months for the sign saying 'Dangerous Corner Ahead.' This is heading EB on I-84 near MP 107.
  • 1400-2000 S. 15th Street Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood
    South 15th street from Washington ave all the way down to Passyunk, in Newbold has been blanketed large yellow "Txt for $$" signs on every stop sign pole. Every block has one right above the stop sign. When calling the number it goes to voicemail. Some often block the actual stop sign. The signs are stacking on top of each other since they stay for months.
  • 15th And Castle Ave Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood

    The troubled kids at the playground who don't live around here turned the stop sign sideways again.

    The bolts on this sign need to be welded on not just clamped. It happens often with this stop sign since they can stand on the fireplug next to it to hang like a monkey.

  • 1422 Castle Ave Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood

    Abandon Van used for storage

    There is an abandon van that has been parked here well before Halloween. All the tires are flat now and the gas cap is missing reeking the smell of fuel. Sometimes when walking to the subway in the morning there is a man sleeping in the back. The van should be towed away and fined. With a playground full of kids across the street, this is not safe.

    Although there is a NO TRUCK parking sign on the street, these super long club wagons are not considered trucks even though it take up more space. They are normally used to take workers to farms or factories and are dumped around this area when they break down. Homeless seek selter and then break in. This van should be removed ASAP.

    PA TAG: HGM-2836

  • 1206 S 15th Street Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood
    The owners of this house had private work done to a sewer or gas line which required them to dig up the public street. They left a 6 inch deep hole in the ground and covered it with dirt. A very unprofessional repair which is causing danger to bikes and low profile rims.