Ray M

Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 33,375
  • 5224-5226 Lightning View Road Columbia, MD - Columbia
    There is a sunken area along the shoulder of the roadway in front of house # 5226
  • 7800-7916 Harriet Tubman Lane Columbia, MD - Columbia
    There are two locations where a CMP pipe goes under the road to the river. At these two locations the drop off is steep and either should be protected of the pipe extended to provide more shoulder. One location is marked with a post marker but the other isn't.
  • 4-6 Ilchester Road Ellicott City, MD - US Congressional District MD3
    The crosswalk sign has graffiti.
  • 6414 Montgomery Road Elkridge, MD - US Congressional District MD3
    Post is leaning and street name signs are bent.
  • 7010 Lennox Avenue Elkridge, MD - US Congressional District MD3
    The street name sign post is leaning. In addition, the street name sign is slightly bent.
  • 5765-5771 Cedar Lane Columbia, MD - Columbia
    The Farmers Market at Howard County General Hospital will not be in operation any more. The existing Farmers Market signs in both directions of Cedar Lane can be removed.
  • 645 Long Corner Road Mount Airy, MD - Howard County
    Received a call that the stop ahead sign is down.
  • 3701-3721 Emory Street Ellicott City, MD - Ellicott City
    The No Parking sign with the double arrow is down on the embankment
  • 10910 Little Patuxent Parkway Columbia, MD - Columbia
    The pedestrian crossing sign is down in the pork chop island and blocking the crossing
  • 7250-7266 Georgia Avenue Jessup, MD - Howard County
    The street name sign for Georgia Ave /Wye Ave is down in the grass. There should be double-sided signs for both Wye Ave. and Georgia Ave
  • Broken Land Parkway Columbia, MD - Columbia
    The "DO Not Enter" sign in the median has been hit and is leaning. The sign is ok but may need new post.
  • 9250 North Laurel Road Laurel, MD - North Laurel
    Red hazard marker is down--install midway between other two existing red hazard markers
    "No Stopping or Standing- Mon-Fri- 8 am-4 pm" is down. Need new post and install 20 feet to the right of the driveway to house # 9288
    "No Stopping or Standing- Mon-Fri- 8 am-4 pm" is leaning south of this area. Also has sticker on it.
  • 11001-11005 Dorsch Farm Road Ellicott City, MD - Howard County
    The "Keep Right of Island" sign on wood post is down. Need a new post.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    7713 Twin Oaks Way Laurel, MD - North Laurel
    Citizen who lives at above address states that the county cut the tree down before winter but left the stump.
  • 8200-8298 Old Frederick Road Ellicott City, MD - Ellicott City
    A chevron sign is down on eastbound Old Frederick Road before the Baltimore County line.
  • Corridor Road - Howard County
    A left intersection warning sign with a white on green sign for "Central MD. Regional Transit Facility" is missing in the westbound direction. Only one of the three wooden posts are there.
  • 9065 North Laurel Road Laurel, MD - North Laurel
    Since this is a school walk route from Laurel Woods Elementary School to All Saints Road, please make arrangements to use paint to replace the faded crosswalk across the shopping center's concrete driveway.
  • Mayfield Avenue At Green Tree Dr - Elkridge
    Due to water not draining properly, the intersection is holding water and the asphalt is deteriorating and creating pot holes and the intersection stays constantly wet. Can this intersection be remilled and repaved for positive water flow so water doesn't stay at intersection?
  • 6081-6099 Hanover Road Hanover, MD - Elkridge
    The horizontal alignment sign (W1-3) with the 20 mph advisory is leaning at a steep angle away from the road
  • 5250 West Running Brook Road Columbia, MD - Columbia
    The square tube post is bent on the "No Parking Anytime" sign at the exit driveway from Running Brook Elementary School