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    1203 Van Horn Dr College Station 77845, United States - Central College Station
    This has been reported before. Vehicle has a Colorado license plate on the front of truck and a North Carolina plate on the back. The Inspection sticker on the front is a North Carolina sticker but has been scratched off (pertinent dates). The passenger front window has a plastic bag taped to it that is torn and ratty. The truck is parked under the streetlight between 1203 and 1205 Van Horn Dr. - not sure which residence it belongs to. This vehicle has been parked - not moving- for at least 8 or more months. You can see where traffic patterns or street sweeper goes around it by indications from the tire marks. Grass is growing into the street at front right wheel indicating it hasn’t moved in some time. I have more pictures but only able to post one on this report. It is an eyesore and a danger
  • Junk Vehicles Archived
    1205 Van Horn Dr College Station, TX, 77845, USA - Central College Station
    This truck has been in the same
    Location at the curb for at least two months. So long that the pavement around it is marked where cars drive around it. Is there a city ordinance that requires vehicles to be operable if parked at the curb? There is also another car (old Lincoln) that is for sale parked on the same street near the corner of Rio Grande - parked in the opposite direction of the flow of
    Traffic. This one has been there for several weeks parked this way.