Miss Citizen

  • 2400-2434 S Harwood St Dallas, TX 75215, USA - South Boulevard-Park Row
    Obstructed Sidewalk (the street dips several feet further down under the railroad overpass than does the sidewalk, so going around the obstruction is not physically possible)
  • 5201-5299 E Mockingbird Ln Dallas, TX 75206, USA - m Streets
    The planters on the East Mockingbird Lane overpass over US 75 are full of dead plants and windblown trash that has gotten caught in the branches of the dead plants. I'm not sure if this overpass belongs to the City of Dallas or the Town of Highland Park or the Town of University Park. Maybe that is the problem, but dead plants do not make a very attractive gateway into the Highland Park/University Park/SMU campus area. Someone should do something about this. (Ladybird would be appalled.)
  • 4993-4999 W Ledbetter Dr Dallas, TX 75236, USA - Southwest Dallas
    The intersection of West Ledbetter Drive and Duncanville Road really needs a regular red/yellow/green stop light (especially with turn signals for southbound traffic turning east and for westbound traffic turing south) instead of the current 4-way stop. There has been an increase in housing in the area in the last five years and therefore more traffic using this intersection. There have been wrecks here that would not have happened if there had been lights instead of stop signs.
  • 2417 N Haskell Ave Dallas, TX 75204, USA - m Streets

    The bus stop timetable posted at the S/B Haskell @ Capitol bus stop has erroneous information. The timetable says that the #409 Parkland stops at that stop. It doesn't. The #409 Parkland stops across Haskell going in the *opposite* direction. This stop should have schedule information for the #409 Illinois, which is the only bus that stops at this stop.

    DART needs to have people who actually ride the buses and know local geography in charge of such signage. (Anyone who knows where Parkland Hospital is would know it would make no sense for a bus to Parkland to go *south* on Haskell Avenue!)

  • 208 N Market St Dallas, TX 75202, USA - West End Historic District
    The sidewalk on the Market Street side of El Centro College's R Building is covered - and I mean covered almost to the point of being off-white instead of brick & concrete - with nasty pigeon poo. Yuck! Can someone please take a pressure washer to this health hazard sidewalk sometime soon?
  • 3406 Mcfarlin Blvd University Park, TX 75205, USA - University Park
    When crossing Hillcrest @ McFarlin on the north side of the intersection going west (away from SMU) the walk/don't walk sign shows nothing - no red hand, no white walking guy, no words, just plain nothing.
  • 3015 Edgewood St Dallas, TX 75215, USA - South Boulevard-Park Row
    The sidewalks on both sides of Edgewood between MLK and Pennsylvania are in need of some work, some need replacing and others just need weeding/edging.