debbie bardon

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    115 Crestmont Drive Oakland, California - Crestmont
    Dan Seigel's campaign for Mayor continues to post illegal signs on public property road medians. There are some on Skyline Blvd. & Joaquin Miller Road above highway 13, as well as more signs on Redwood Road between Skyline Blvd and highway 580. Someone in his campaign is putting them up illegally as fast as I can report them.
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    Macarthur Blvd & Pleasant Valley Blvd Oakland, California - Piedmont Avenue
    More illegally placed Dan Seigel for Mayor signs on the public medians on both Pleasant Valley Blvd between Piedmont Avenue and MacArthur Blvd, and also on the median strips on Mac Arthur Blvd above Pleasant Valley Road.
    Dan Seigel is a lawyer and should not be a scofflaw when it comes to illegally placing campaign signs.