• 1191 Portion Rd Farmingville, NY 11738, USA - Farmingville
    I have seen two accidents at this intersection in only 4 days! People exiting the parking lot of the gym have been crashing with people who fly down College Road going WAY over the speed limit. Please install 3 way stop sign for this area so north and south on college must stop and people exiting the unique fitness parking lot must stop. If everyone slows down I think accidents will subside here.
  • 3417 Ny-112 Medford, NY 11763, USA - Medford
    I ride my bike on Granny because of the bike lane. But this area of the road consistently has dangerous debris in the lane. Sand and glass could cause accidents for bikers. Branches and other debris cause me to need to go more into the road. The fact that many cars speed on Granny means I am subjecting myself to getting hit. I would appreciate this issue being remedied quickly and also for Granny to be better maintained by the municipality because it has a bike lane. Many cyclists use it and appreciate the bike lane. However, irregular maintenance of removing dangerous objects from bike lanes defeats the purpose of the investments made on this stretch of road. Thanks for your attention to this problem!
  • 343-363 Granny Road Medford, New York - Coram
    There are tons of debris and sand along the shoulders of Granny Rd that have not been cleaned up yet. There are some short protected bike lane areas along this road, but cyclists cannot use the protected areas because the sand is 1-2 inches deep there. We appreciate the new lanes and markings, but the maintainence needs to be continuously supported for these lanes to be functional. Please make sure that as roads are cleared that the bike lanes get attention too. Thank you!
  • 2095 Express Drive North Hauppauge, NY 11788, USA - Hauppauge
    The lights on the north and south side of the LIE on 111 are poorly timed. on the north side of the LIE when you are heading south in the left turning lane (to go eastbound on LIE) there is a left turning arrow. The timing is off such that traffic backs up to the traffic light on Rabaro dr during rush hour. Anything that can be done to extend or fix the timing would be appreciated.
  • 297 Mill Rd Medford, NY 11763, USA - Yaphank
    Hundreds of used tires dumped on east side of Mill rd south of granny just before mill pond golf course. It's on an empty lot directly next to the last home before arriving at the golf course. The home next to it is boarded up.
  • Pothole Archived
    Sunrise Highway South Service Road East Patchogue, NY 11772, USA - East Patchogue
    Large and deep pothole on exit/service rd at this exit off Sunrise
  • 166 Bellport Avenue Medford, NY - Medford
    Deep pothole on Bellport Ave heading south.
  • 386 Granny Road Medford, NY - Medford
    There is a GIGANTIC pothole on Granny Rd Eastbound side of road between 112 and Mill Rd. Address/placement of pin on map are approximate. My car hit it last night and made this awful CLUCK sound. My neighbor got a flat tire because of it.
  • North St Manorville, NY - Manorville
    There is a *ton* of garbage dumped along North St. in Manorville. It's terrible to drive or bike past here and see all the litter (TV's, mattresses, bags of trash). It has been there for some time and I'm afraid if it doesn't get cleaned up, more people will continue to dump their stuff there on top of what's there now. Please clean this area up!
  • 124 Bellport Ave Medford, NY - Medford
    There is a huge pothole on Bellport Ave overpass (over LIE) in the Southbound lane. The hole is closer to the north service rd than the south service rd.
  • 601-699 Easton St Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA - Ronkonkoma
    There is construction work (fence installation) going on along the LIRR tracks on Easton Ave and there are about 6-10 workers per day (week of 4/23/12), but nobody is directing traffic. There is only one lane available to cars and both the eastbound and westbound cars attempt to go around the construction not knowing if the other side is waiting or going as well. There need to be workers here directing traffic to make this safer during the construction.
  • Huge pothole Archived
    172 Bellport Ave Medford, NY 11763, USA - Medford
    There is a huge pothole on Bellport Ave just north of the north service rd of the LIE. It is on the west side of the street.
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