Dennis Landi

Rank: Civic Pride Civic Points: 230
  • Gradyville Road Newtown Square, Pennsylvania - US Congressional District PA7
    Although the Gradyville road bridge repair seemed to take forever to complete, it certainly looks great! Unfortunately, it only exacerbates the condition of the paving on the rest of Gradyville road, from Stoney Brook Blvd. to Rt 252. Additionally, to avoid future accidents, center and fog lines need to be painted on that portion of Gradyville road between Stoney Brook Blvd. and Bishop Hollow road. Any help in resolving these issues would be appreciated.
  • Troop Farm Road Newtown Square, Pennsylvania - Newtown Square
    Several potholes need repairing at the entrance of Springton Pointe Woods at the corner of Troop Farm Rd. and Tr 252.