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  • 92 Beech St Kearny, NJ - Kearny
    Here we go AGAIN another week and we have to complain so this white car gets a ticket for parking in the box. When will this end if we do not complain this car recieves no ticket
  • 650 Kearny Avenue Kearny, New Jersey - Kearny
    This property has not been cut in over a month. I see kids playing outside with tons of bees around. Even on the street part of their property is overgrown something needs to be done. People in this town really need to start taking care of their property better
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    192 Beech St Kearny, NJ - Kearny
    Once again this white car is parked in the box. Why is it he only recieves tickets when someone complains this is obvious especially when going up or down colombia. Like i stated in multiple complaints this is every week once sometimes multiple times he does this!!! ACTION NEEDS TO BE DONE if anyone else does it they recieve tickets immediately
  • 220 Beech St Kearny, NJ - Kearny
    The homeowners of 220 Beech st own 2 vehicles that i have seen both vehicles with ny license plates. Isnt the law you have 30 days to switch over? These people have lived here for awhile now. Its bad enough the one pickup takes up more then one space. Someone needs to investigate. They own a black nissan pathfinder with ny plates and also a red nissan pickup truck also with ny plates. Parking is at a bare minimum on this block and everyone should get fined for driving and parking out of state vehicles while living in another state.
  • 191 Beech St Kearny, New Jersey - Kearny
    I have reported this issue before and guess the pattern is going to keep on. 3-4 times a week this person is parked in the yellow boxes and NEVER EVER recieves a ticket but yet i did it one time and got a ticket. Guess he has hookups with police or something. ACTION NEEDS TO BE TAKEN AND THIS AREA NEEDS TO BE MONITORED NIGHTLY!!!!
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    191 Tappan St Kearny, New Jersey - Kearny
    For 2 weeks now this jeep has been parked in front of this home with a sign on it. Why does the town keep allowing this to happen til someone complains. Is the ticket guy blind? Does he not realize the same car parked and does not move for street cleaning? Action needs to be taken immediately as like i stated it has been 2 WEEKS THIS VEHICLE HAS NOT MOVED AND HAS HAD THE SAME SIGN ON IT
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    192 Beech St Kearny, New Jersey - Kearny
    White mercedes parked in the yellow corner box. Parks in this same spot at least 3-4 times a week and is NEVER ticketed.
  • 604 Chestnut St Avenue Kearny, New Jersey - Kearny
    Blue jeep license plate Z13JPM is constantly blocking the driveway and only parks in driveway on thursday for street cleaning days. I thought you are not allowed to block driveways even if it is your own??
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    125 Devon St Kearny, NJ - Kearny
    I see a pattern developing with this car. A warning sticker was placed on this car on Monday. The owner then moved it in front of this residence and has not moved it since.
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    220 Midland Ave Kearny, New Jersey - Kearny
    This car in the photo has not moved for a week. As you can see it has heavy front end damage. Yesterday the person put a sign to avoid a sweeper ticket and now today the sign is gone and the vehicle is still parked there with no ticket. Action needs to be taken with people that abuse the system and put signs just to avoid a ticket. If you cant move it then have it towed.
  • 2 Radley Street Kearny, New Jersey - Kearny
    Today there was no cars moved from Monday side of the street and no tickets given out either. Not sure if sweeper went by or not but i know that no tickets were given because of the jeep that has been parked on that side since last monday afternoon and has not moved. Same goes for ogden ave sweeper was there and didnt even clean the street because garbage men were there picking up garbage and also no tickets given but there were cars parked on street cleaning side and sweeper went around but car had no ticket. The rules should apply to EVERYONE tickets should be given out if not moved. This is prime example why the sweeper should be directly behind the guy giving tickets.
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    639 Elm St Kearny, NJ - Kearny
    Here we go again with this tan colored van. Never moves it is not right that this person is constantly putting signs on their vehicle to avoid moving to CLEAN THE STREET everyone has to move this should apply to this vehicle hanicap or not. Now they got a sign saying no spots cant walk. Get real then sell your car and give a spot to someone who needs it and that can move it for the street to be cleaned
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    326 Chestnut St Kearny, NJ - Kearny
    This morning i witnessed the ticket guy go by for street cleaning... once he passed the woman that lives in 326 chestnut st parked her car in front of her house and went inside like nothing.. the sweeper came 10 minutes later. I feel the ticket guy should be in front of the sweeper to avoid these problems its ridiculous that our streets cant get cleaned properly because of this issue. Please look into this matter. Whenever they are on the ave the ticket guys are right in front this should happen for side streets as well
  • 25 Ogden Ave Kearny, New Jersey - Kearny
    Here we go again with someone parking like this. First he gets away with having ny plates for longer then 60 days and now he parking taking 3 spots away from people how is this ok THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!!!
  • 11 King Street Kearny, New Jersey - Kearny
    Police really need to monitor this area better it is ridiculous that cars park in the yellow nonstop i almost got into an accident this mornin along with 3 other people trying to see up king st from elm cause a red truck is parked in the yellow. Cops need to keep an eye on this area all day long to stop this nonsense
  • 384 Devon St Kearny, New Jersey - Kearny
    White car parked in yellow spot in front of 384 devon. Also white car parked in yellow on the corner of king and devon st. These high school kids think they can park where ever they want and dont get a ticket because they running late for school.
  • 27 Ogden Ave Kearny, New Jersey - Kearny
    Whatsthe law regarding out of state vehicles that live in new jersey for more then a year?
  • lazy workers Archived
    120 Beech St Kearny, NJ - Kearny
    Will something ever be done with this man. Everyday he is outside or sitting in his car for hours instead of inside doing his job like he should be. If this is what security is that this is pathetic. I sent over a claim last week showing this man outside talking to kearny board of ed members around 11 and he was out there for awhile he then proceeded to get in his car and stay there til roughly 130. He is always on his phone if this is what he gets paid to do then maybe i should do his job as well. It is unfair to constantly see a fellow security doing her job trying to control a bunch of kids by herself without the help of this man because he is so lazy. Now today i go to walk my dog at 1030 and i observe this man walking up midland talking on the phone just standing around. At 1120 he proceeds down the block and stands in front of the school still on his phone. This man needs to be fired. The school should be secured with security not just 1. Now i understand people get breaks but breaks are 30 mins to 1 hour and he is always outside or in his car for hours. He parks in the yellow in front of the school he drives a silver kia with delaware plates.