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  • 3533 Summertree Ln Corona, California - Corona
    They can wash their cars for 3 hours at a time on weekends but won't do up keep on house and yard. Hello city workers/officials....fix this issue!
  • Porch Street Off Magnolia In Porch Street Condo Complex. - Corona
    This driveway into porch street complex just just east of McKinley on magnolia is ALWAYS flooded and muddy! It is literally a concrete slip and slide and has caused accidents and is a just plain dangerous and unsightly. No rain required, always flooded.
  • 3533 Summertree Lane Corona Ca - Corona
    This house has had a dead 3 foot high lawn for months! Make them fix it. This is a nice area, let's keep it looking that way. Also, let's not encourage rodents to hide in their front lawn.