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  • 2500-2598 7th Ave Oakland, CA 94606, USA - Ivy Hill
    Trash isnt being picked up
  • 2515 Ivy Dr Oakland, CA 94606, USA - Ivy Hill
    Easy chair and wood dumped illegally
  • Graffiti Archived
    Lake Merritt Blvd Oakland, California - Civic Center
    Someone has graffiti ed all the stones around here. Please remove!
  • 2515 Ivy Dr Oakland, California - Ivy Hill
    Trash has been dumped outside the building for a few weeks. Please pick up!
  • 2505 Ivy Dr And 2515 Ivy Dr - Orinda
    Illegal Dumping between two buildings
  • 2530 Ivy Drive Oakland, California - Ivy Hill
    A couch has been dumped and left for several days on Ivy Drive. Please remove it!!
  • 2515 Ivy Drive Oakland CA - Ivy Hill
    Someone dumped a couch on the sidewalk and it's been here several days play please pick up
  • Cleveland Cascade Oakland, California - Cleveland Heights
    The lights on the railings of lower flight of stairs are out on the right. Please fix!!
  • 666 Bellevue Ave Oakland, California - Lakeside
    The chain of lights is out from next to the bandstand to the sidewalk up the hill. Please turn back on the light for the path!!
  • Graffiti Archived
    Lake Merritt Blvd Oakland, California - Civic Center
    Graffiti on amphitheater at lake merritt
  • Booker And 7th Ave. Oakland, California - Ivy Hill
    Chair been dumped at corner been here for several weeks.
  • 2551 Ivy Dr Oakland, California - Ivy Hill
    A mattress has been dumped and been on the sidewalk for over 2 weeks next to 2551 Ivy Drive.
  • Graffiti Archived
    Park And 7th Avenue Oakland, California - Cleveland Heights
    There is graffitti on the bus bench and trash receptacle at the corner of Park Blvd. and 7th Avenue in front of Dave's Liquors. The attached photograph will show the location of the graffitti.
  • Edoff Memorial Band Stand Oakland, California - Lakeside
    The "necklace of lights" along the Lake Merritt pathway are off from the Edoff Memorial Band Stand up to the Lake Merritt Boat House. Its quite dark here at night. Please bring back the light!
  • Lake Merritt Blvd. Oakland, California - Lake Merritt
    The "necklace of lights" around Lake Merritt lights are out from right before the pedestrian bridge, to the amphitheater and up to 14th street along Lake Merritt. It's quite dark there at night. Please light it back up!