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  • Pothole Archived
    Park Blvd - Glenview
    Coming up park to the freeway there are numerous potholes. I believe you may have filled them and they (maybe the rain) were not successful. Also Chatham street from the freeway exit to entrance is a mess with potholes. Is there any studies done on filling numerous potholes versus just repaving the two blocks? Thanks, concerned citizen
  • 1829 8th Ave Oakland, CA 94606, USA - Clinton
    A mattress, a futon pad and another bed pad blocking the sidewalk
  • 6329 Shattuck Avenue Oakland, California - Bushrod
    There is a futon, a matress and a box spring on the sidewalk and leaning up against someones fence.
  • 2124 8th Avenue Oakland, California - Clinton
    a couch bed and a few mattresses have been dumped here next to a building. They have been there since before the holidays.
  • 3001-3005 Park Boulevard Oakland, California - Cleveland Heights
    a loveseat has been sitting on the sidewalk for weeks.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    8th Ave Oakland, California - Ivy Hill
    a mattress and a bunch of black trash bags are on the side walk
  • 722 East 18th Street Oakland, California - Clinton
  • E18th And 7th Ave Oakland, California - Clinton
  • 14th Ave And Sonoma Oakland, California - Rancho San Antonio