Michael Gaughan

  • 7601-7725 Trinity Boulevard Fort Worth, TX 76118, USA - Eastside
    On the exit from SB loop 820 at Trinity, traffic is frequently backed up- sometimes all the way to the freeway, from large construction haulers turning left from the right lane. There is about ½ a paved lane for anyone able to go "off road". This is a serious safety issue as drivers exiting 820 cannot see if traffic is backed up, and can get a nasty and shocking surprise
  • 13600-13650 South Pipeline Road Euless, TX 76040, USA - Eastside
    Sign warns bridge is load zoned. Weight limit sign covered with growth (note photo). Very big trucks from Pavement Services now come through daily, I think they may be too heavy.
  • 9341-9499 Trinity Boulevard Fort Worth, TX 76118, USA - Eastside
    The road is reduced to one lane due to bridge work. No argument. The lack of a left turn arrow at the Norwood intersection causes backups if a motorist needs to turn. But the right lane ends at the intersection. Perhaps the right lane could continue long enough so residents of the apartments can access their driveway?
  • Trinity Boulevard Euless, Texas - Eastside
    The left turn signals for eastbound Trinity drivers to turn onto northbound Raider and for westbound Trinity Drivers to turn onto southbound Harston Woods are synchronized - yet there are FAR fewer motorists turning to Harston Woods than to Raider. Can this light be set or a sensor added to give a left signal only when motorists actually want to make the turn, allowing eastbound Trinity traffic to proceed?
  • 8765 Trinity Boulevard Fort Worth, TX 76118, USA - Eastside
    Many drivers during the AM commute stop on Trinity to turn left onto Thames. One was rear-ended this morning and I am shocked more aren't. Drivers trying to catch the Pct Line traffic signal green often get a nasty and dangerous surprise .
  • 13885-13999 Faa Boulevard Fort Worth, TX 76155, USA - Eastside
    Big pavement buckle. Crews are all over FAA Blvd elsewhere. They should smooth one out while they're in the area!
  • 1020 South Industrial Boulevard Euless, TX 76040, USA - Euless
    7th.car in line turning from SB 157 to EB Pipeline - took 3 light cycles. Help
  • 13652-13698 South Pipeline Rd E Euless, TX 76040, USA - Eastside
  • Trinity Blvd At S Norwood Dr Fort Worth, TX - Southside
    Ever since a strong wind in November, a Southbound Norwood traffic light has "aimed" at Westbound Trinity traffic. The attached photo taken from westbound Trinity shows two red lights, and one yellow light (for Norwood traffic). By the way, the speed enforcement on Trinity has really gone downhill. It's 40, and even when I drive close to 50 people are coming up on me as if I were at walking pace. Need to issue a few tickets and put the fear of Jesus into these renegades again.