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  • Midtown Prince Albert, SK - Prince Albert
    Just saw a piece on the CTV news featuring our alderman Lee Atkinson telling how crime in P.A. is up 51% and how many times Mr. Atkinson himself has been the victim of crime. I have the utmost respect for Mr. Atkinson, but if he is unable to get results from our city police, it leaves little hope for the rest of us. I'm posting this in the hopes that our local police can evolve from a call & respond police service to one that actively patrols in problem areas, such as midtown. After all, isn't that the purpose of SeeClickFix? To alert city officials to serious problems in the hope that they can resolve them? Lets see if we can get our police to increase their visibility in our high crime areas, because if they can't...what good are they?
  • Prince Albert, SK - Prince Albert
    Many times, thru the course of my work, I have people ask me: "Where's a good place to eat in town?" I have to admit, the question has me stymied. What do I tell these out-of-towners? "Drive about 90 minutes that-a-way?" I don't want to direct them to a sloppy burger or greasy pizza! What are the best places to eat in P.A.? And as a side-bar, do we have any cafes that cook everything from fresh ingredients, as opposed to the dried and frozen institutional foods?
  • 500 Blk 10th Street East Prince Albert, SK - Prince Albert
    The "NO PARKING SNOW REMOVAL 5 am - 5 pm" signs have been up for at least a day or so. Like a good citizen I got up early this morning and moved my car, even though I don't really have a safe place to park it in lieu of the street. The graders are finally starting to go by and remove the snow at 1:30 pm, but looking out the window I see several cars! Why the @#$% isn't the city towing these illegally parked vehicles so we can remove the snow properly? It should be noted as well, that at least 3 of the vehicles belong to the same person, whose vehicles usually line the block. Ticket, tow, and charge 'em! Now we'll wind up with a half-done job of snow removal, because some people were to lazy to move their vehicles out of the way. Shoddy.
  • Boxing Day Archived
    591 15 St East Prince Albert, SK - Prince Albert

    Normally I don't go out on boxing day, but this year I sold out my morals to go to Superstore and pick up a game that was a whopping $40 off the regular price. There were about 25 or so ppl lined up just before one of the managers came out:
    "Is anyone going to electronics?" Most ppl put their hands up. "I'll give you a number, you'll be served in that order. Please, no running, pushing, etc, or you won't be served." I was surprised how well behaved everyone was, even when the till crashed and the cheap Xboxes weren't there. I think if that had happened in an American store on Black Friday, there would have been a riot! So, give yourself a pat on the back P.A., for once you were well behaved. ;)

    I didn't go to any other stores, how were ppl behaved elsewhere?

    PS: I don't know what happened after I left, cannibalism could've broken out for all I know. I'm just sayin' thinks were under control while I was there.

  • 1403 Central Ave Prince Albert, SK - Prince Albert

    So apparently we have a new bylaw that it is illegal to smoke within 10' of a public entrance. My issue is, when are we going to start to enforce it?

    Go to the gateway mall, ppl are smoking within 2 or 3 feet of the door, sometimes standing in front of, or inside the door. And it's not the usual gang-banger wannabees, but usually mall employees!

    It may not seem like an important issue, but for those of us with lung issues, inhaling your 2nd hand smoke hurts like @#$%. How hard would it be to show a little common courtesy?