• Pothole Archived
    974 Parker St Central Manchester, CT 06042, USA - Manchester
    There's a fairly large, but exceptionally deep pothole on Parker just past the Big Y.
  • 2-88 Francis Ave Hartford, CT 06106, USA - Parkville

    Congrats, Hartford... Using a new anti-blight ordinance that went into effect last July, the city of Hartford announced that it has foreclosed and plans to demolish an old warehouse with a sagging roof at 42 Francis Ave.

    The new ordinance allowed Hartford to obtain the property through strict foreclosure. On or about Nov. 6, 2008, citations and regulation violations of $400 per day from various city departments began to accumulate for Westall Company LLC. By the time the city acquired the property, the company owed $56,000.

    Once the lot is cleared, the property could go up for public auction or otherwise be available for development. That's great news for the neighborhood.

  • Potholes Archived
    187-199 Colonial Rd Manchester, CT 06042, USA - Manchester
    There are a few potholes here that need some attention.
  • Deep potholes Archived
    97-147 Connecticut 83 Manchester, CT 06042, USA - Manchester
    There is a string of particularly deep and large potholes along the east side of Oakland St. on the approach to the right turn onto Sheldon, as well as another pothole on Sheldon going up the hill after the turn.
  • 2-336 Dunfey Ln Windsor, CT 06095, USA - Windsor

    This building has been abandoned for as long as I've lived in town. The roof has holes and apparently there's a lot of water damage inside. It's an attractive nuisance and probably makes people cringe when they considering turning onto the street to get to the hotel down the road or to maybe look at one of the condos nearby.

    Neighbors say it's got toxic materials inside. There's yellow tape around the entrance. Worse yet, the building is visible from I-91 and makes the town look dumpy.

  • 198 Quail Hollow Cir Hayden, CT 06095 - Windsor
    There is an old couch rotting next to the path behind the softball fields, near a runoff channel. It may have belonged to the nearby JFK school at one point. It's moldy and is falling apart, spreading foam around.