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  • 1915 North Harrison Avenue Cary, North Carolina - Cary
    The Crosswalk for I40E exit needs to have a crosswalk signal. Currently folks are attempting to cross the ramp at a crosswalk, but it has a right turn signal, which I believe takes precedence, since its a controlled turn and not a flat green (which then the crosswalk would have right-of-way). I almost hit some folks today as its a double turn lane and didnt see them behind a large truck when the light changed.
  • 2401 Weston Parkway Cary, North Carolina - Cary
    Dead Deer in road, Weston Parkway, about half mile south of Harrison Ave.
  • Potholes Archived
    Northwest Cary Parkway Cary, North Carolina - Cary
    NW Cary parkway from NC54 all the way to Harrison is full of Potholes. Please fix.
  • 200-298 North Wilmington Street Raleigh, North Carolina - North Central
    Mud/Sand on Sidewalk Wilmington St E side between Jones and Lane, across from Legislative Bldg.
  • Potholes Archived
    Salem Church Road Apex, North Carolina - Wake County
    Several Large Potholes on Salem Church Road
  • Wade Ave At Oberlin Overpass Raleigh, NC - Wade
    The light on the side of the overpass at oberlin on wade is down on the side. Its attached to a wiring pipe
  • 109-199 E Williams St Apex, NC - Apex

    Everytime it rains, NC 55 floods under the railroad underpass. Town of Apex has acknowledged it as they put high water signs up. Why has nothing further been done? Is more drains needed? Some sort of full street drain and/or pumps?

    Ive seen tons of people hydroplane with this so its a big safety issue.

  • Nowells Signs Archived
    Wade Ave Raleigh, NC - Wade

    Reference http://seeclickfix.com/issues/234532-nowells-signs-again

    They had signs out again this weekend in multiple places around Raleigh. Really trashy with the fair in town. Nice way to represent Raleigh.

  • 7301 Kit Creek Rd Cary, NC - Cary
    Street light out on Kit Creek west side of NC 55.
  • 2600 State Road 1630 Cary, NC - Wake County
    Lots of potholes on Green Lv Church around the Kit Creek Bridge
  • 2873-2923 State Road 1630 Cary, NC - Cary
    A Dollar General Truck and trailer park on Green Level Church Rd overnight for multiple days. The guy lives in Chancery Village Apartments, complaints have been made to the mgmt of the complex, but since its on the road, they can do nothing about it.
  • 7701 Kit Creek Rd Morrisville, NC - Wake County
    Kit Creek has become very torn up due to all the dump trucks using it to get from the 540/147 extension construction. The whole road from Davis to NC55 needs to be repaved. Theres multiple holes, dugouts, cracks and other bad conditions.
  • 2873-2923 State Road 1630 Cary, NC - Cary
    Recent Roadwork done on Green Level Church Rd dug a scrape/trench in the road just north of Kit Creek Rd. This trench is now developing serious potholes and is completely degrading the road.