Sarah S.

Rank: Civic Crusader Civic Points: 285
  • Eckington Place And Florida Ave Ne Washington, DC - Eckington
    At the intersection of Eckington Place and Florida Ave NE, an orange sign is ahead that says "Right turn to Florida Ave only." However, I believe that this sign does not work because the wording is poor. The sign should read "Right Lane to Florida Ave only." Since both lanes technically turn (with one going to Florida and one going to 1st), the current sign and wording is confusing and does not offer clarification about lane assignment at this dangerous intersection.
  • Florida And Eckington Place Ne Washington, DC - Eckington
    White lines indicating the appropriate turn lanes should be placed on the street at Eckington Place and Florida Ave. NE in order to mark the turn lanes to NY Ave and Florida Ave. I almost get in an accident at this intersection daily because drivers do not follow the correct lane assignment and try to cut over at the last minute. It's very dangerous and causes lots of frustration. I believe that white lines marking the correct turn lanes would aid in drivers knowing which lane to be in.