Annette Massey

  • 601 12th St Oakland, California - Downtown
    Someone has defaced the beautiful artwork pic 1
  • 1534 4th Ave Oakland, California - Clinton
    Someone unloaded an entire apartment full of furniture and garbage onto the sidewalk
  • 1200-1260 Martin Luther King Junior Way Oakland, California - Downtown
    Queen size mattress and box spring propped up against fenced wall on the MLK, Jr Way side (directly across from 655-12th Street Condos)
  • Interstate 580 East/Mills College - Maxwell Park
    Exiting 580 E at MacArthur. Along left side of exit are multiple piles of clothing, furniture and garbage. Wasnt there yesterday evening so had to be dumped in the wee hours from the fwy emergency lane.
  • Traffic Light Archived
    750 12th Street Oakland, CA 94607, USA - Oak Center
    The traffic light on 12th/Brush has been flashing RED since the afternoon of 8/24. I walk this path everyday going to and returning from work. Cars are exiting the freeway, entering the freeway or entering West Oakland at high rates of speed. While drivers are to institute the 3 way stop-sign rule, it is extremely difficult for pedestrians to cross the street. I have been almost run over 2x due to impatient drivers. Please fix this ASAP before someone gets hurt or worse.
  • 2834 55th Ave Oakland, California - Frick
    Pls fix pot hole in middle of street. Thank you