Steve Werlin

  • 526 Sargent Dr New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Long Wharf
    Fencing down on bike path. just needs to be pinned back up.
  • Temple Street New Haven Connecticut - Downtown
    It would be nice if there were a bike rack on Temple Street someplace.
  • Parks Request Archived
    586-606 Edgewood Ave New Haven CT 06511, USA - Edgewood
    Under the Edgewood Ave. bridge. There should probably be a railing here, no?
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    45 Yale Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    There are two trees down on Marginal Dr. I called West Haven Public Works twice. First on Monday, then again just a moment ago. They said that it's probably on the New Haven side. (I wasn't aware there was a "New Haven side" of Marginal.) If that's the case, could Parks, Recreation, and Trees please remove the fall trees? That's a critical bike route for the handful of us who commute between Westville and points in West Haven or southwest in the city.
  • Parks Request Archived
    1274-1294 Ella T Grasso Boulevard New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Edgewood
    When does the Sundial Splash Pad get turned on? Pretty hot today.
  • 24 Fort Hale Park Road New Haven, CT - Morris Cove

    Now that the weather's getting nice, it's time to start paying attention to the parks again. Ft. Hale Park & Beach is in need of a clean up. There's trash strewn about all over and no receptacle in which to deposit it. Fallen signs need to be re-erected and the sand mounds need to be leveled.

    In addition to the regular work the Parks department does, perhaps Citizens Campaign for the Environment would be willing to organize another beach/park clean-up day, as they did last summer, or perhaps someone in the Neighborhood Management Team would be willing to organize a clean-up day.

  • 202-274 Woodward Avenue New Haven, CT - East Shore

    With spring upon us, some of the playground equipment at "Hannah's Dream" in East Shore Park is in need of repair.

    Thank you!

  • Lighthouse Point Park New Haven, CT - East Shore
    Some of the equipment at the Lighthouse Point Park is need of repair (see photo).