• Rourke Bridge Lowell, MA 01851, USA - Lowell
    Do a traffic study here, there is too much traffic. There is room on both sides of bridge to expand to 2 lanes both ways or at least 3 lanes. It will lessen traffic and also help ambulance and emergency vehicles pass by quicker. This bridge in the future will get weaker and the amount of cars a day using this bridge will only increase.
  • 1264-1272 Westford Street Lowell, MA 01851, USA - Lowell
    Please do a traffic study here, it causes a back up when turning cars, and i think there is enough room for turning lanes to make it so we don't need traffic light
  • 96-98 Wood Street Lowell, MA 01851, USA - Lowell
    The woods next to this road may have a high skunk population, in the recent days, there has been a new skunk road kill and it reeks in the morning. Can we do something like cage it off or relocate the skunks.
  • 662-722 Pawtucket Boulevard Lowell, MA 01854, USA - Lowell
    Since the construction of new underground pipes.. The road that stretches from the the road before the boat ramp to the traffic light for old ferry road towards rourke bridge has been very unstable and bump. New road needed before cars get damaged.