Diane Panasci

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  • Street Lamp Archived
    200 Fountain Street New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    4 total problem street lights between 200 and 95 Fountain St. South side. CMT meeting at Mauro Sheridan School
    2 lamps out
    1st . In front of the Rectory for St Aeden and St Brendan Church. Across the street from 95 Fountain, the Fire station
    2nd. In front of Mandy Management. Too dark to read the address.
    Other two problem street lights.
    1 dim light just east of 200 Fountain St.
    1. lamp cycling on and off to the west of 200 Fountain st.
  • 164 Lombard St New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    There is a street sign (speed limit + No parking) down in front of 164 Lombard St. It is lying on the grass street side.
  • Other Archived
    155/153 Lombard St New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square

    The issues are blight and vermin. 155/153 Lombard St has absentee landlords who are allowing their property to deteriorate. Racoons and squirrels have been seen coming in and out of the house, where they have built nests, causing health and safety issues. The shingles are falling off the house making it not only unsightly, but attracting vermin to make nests.

    These issues are reducing the value of my home and the properties of owner occupied single and multifamily homes as well as any absentee landlord who might be taking good care of their properties.

    I work with Chatham Square Neighborhood Association, and am on the EDC of said organization. Several members of this organization and I have formed Fair Haven Forward. We are trying to make this neighborhood one where people will want to come visit, shop, live and work. But houses like this will keep good people away. Tenants and home buyers will look elsewhere. I know I wish I did! But I was told this problem was being resolved. Instead it has gotten worse.