• 110 Wall St Norwalk, Connecticut - Norwalk
    Light under "West Ave" street sign out. This is the one posted at driving-eye-level.
  • 41 Commerce St Norwalk, Connecticut - Norwalk
    The train that comes through this area around midnight is abusive with the horn. The horn is heard consistently (long, loud and hardly any breakups) from Wall Street all the way through to the highway. There are plenty of trains that come through here without making such a commotion and disturbing the peace. This person gets off on this job ans clearly wants to make everyone just as miserable aa they are. Please fix this. I've tried other avenues to get this problem resolved (ie conversations with the city, MTA and the commissions offjce that oversees the MTA)...next stop is the news if this doesn't work.
  • 1 Westport Ave Norwalk, Connecticut - Norwalk
    The only cross walk is in front of the church and the realty building to cross over East Ave. There is no crosswalk to cross over Rt1 while on East Ave. Please add a cross walk and preferrably a pedestrian cross light for the entire intersection.
  • 516-518 Westport Ave Norwalk, Connecticut - Norwalk
    There is a light at this intersection in front of McDonalds. It is a frequent issue with people making an illegal left turn on red from Westport Ave. Ive witnessed many near-accidents in my daily travels down this road.
  • Illegal parking Открыта
    52 Westport Ave Norwalk, Connecticut - Norwalk
    In the plaza where Starbucks is located, daily there are issues with fire lane and handicap parking violators because they are too lazy and think they are above the law to park in a legal spot. Please patrol and ticket.
  • 2 Elmcrest Terrace Norwalk, Connecticut - Norwalk
    I dont drive up CtAve in the right lane anymore because of this impossible intersection. I have almost been hit twice by transport vans. Mirrors are needed for the drivers on CTAve and Elmcrest Terrace
  • 162-338 West Ave Norwalk, Connecticut - Norwalk
    The middle lane is to be used for straight way into Stepping Stones. This lane is often illegally used for left hand turns instead which increases risk of collision with left hand turn lane
  • Stop signs not helping Открыта
    29 Marshall St Norwalk, Connecticut - Maritime Garage
    People blow this intersection all the time. Please add another solution.
  • 33 North Ave Norwalk, Connecticut - Norwalk
    This intersection gets flooded when ever it rains. Please add drain hole connecting into the existing one higher up the street.
  • 15 Berkeley St Norwalk, Connecticut - Norwalk
    This area is difficult to maneuver safely with cars parked on this curve, some even park ON the sidewalk which means pedos/strollers have to walk in the street.
  • 46 Harbor Ave Norwalk, Connecticut - Norwalk
    There is a digital spedometer on the corner of.Butler and Crescent facing traffing heading towards the dangerous curve. We need another one for the otherside of traffic. Last night a car.sped down the road, almost taking out the Butler/Harbor curve going so fast couldnt get a plate number...easily 50mph in a 25mph zone. This area needs permenant solutions!!!!
  • 47 Butler St Norwalk, Connecticut - Norwalk
    Something needs to be done about this curve. A rumble strip would be nice.
  • Connecticut Ave & U.S. 1 & Post Rd & Connecticut Turnpike Connecticut - Darien
    Drivers coming off the highway will use the straight lane (middle lane) to make a right hand turn onto a 2 lane road. Either enforce it or change it to include right turns.
  • 435-449 West Ave Norwalk, Connecticut - Norwalk
    The lights along West Ave between Butler amd Leonard are much to long. These lights seem to be timed, not sensored. Those turning onto West Ave from any side street must wait about 3x as long as any other light.
  • Street Plowed Archived
    Willard St. new haven, CT - Westville
    Need street plowed, need to get to work!
  • Parks Request Archived
    41 Cold Spring St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    Please.return portapotty for kids playground
  • 60 Trumbull St New Haven, CT - Yale University Campus
    The timing of this light is ridiculous. Traffic (heading towards Hamden on Whitney) that wants to turn right onto Trumbull when the light turns green can not proceed because its at this exact time that the pedestrian crossing light tells them to turn. This is a turning lane and should be free to turn when green. All traffic should have to stop when pedestrian lights turn on. This is not the case. Sometimes, cars can turn at all if pedestrian traffic is thick (like in the mornings and evenings) which further slows traffic. Please retime the pedestrian lights to give an all-go while all traffic lights should be red.
  • Kelsey Ave West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Please supply one or two portapotties for the playground. Children can not hold their urine like adults can.
  • W Rock Ave New Haven, CT - Westville
    Pot hole right at the light in the path of making a right hand turn onto Whalley. In direct line of tire. Must maneuver around which forces us to go into far lane to make the turn.
  • 72 126 Ellsworth Ave New Haven, CT - Edgewood
    Building CLUTTERED with spider-wires outside the building. Wires are everywhere!