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  • Parks Request Archived
    Farnum Dr New Haven 06511, United States - East Rock
    Nice to see folks using the park's trash cans. New Haven, please keep emptying them. People are now throwing trash on the ground AROUND the garbage can because it's full.
  • Farnum Dr New Haven 06511, United States - East Rock
  • 897–899 Orange St New Haven 06511, United States - East Rock
    Really!?!?!? #gscia
  • 250 Church St New Haven 06510, United States - Town_Green
    Could the car "booting" team please be more careful around bicycles. It's just too coincidental to see my bike lying on the ground at lunchtime, just beside a recently booted vehicle. Thank you.
  • 945 Whitney Avenue Hamden, Connecticut - Hamden
    I'm trying to report yet another large cache of illegal dumping, once again it looks like mostly construction debris, thrown off the side of "Whitney Circle." But unfortunately See Click Fix's geotagging is broken again (frustrating!) so even though this is an East Rock Park issue it is auto-tagged as a Hamden issue. Even then, in the Hamden list of "Categories" there are only a small number of "Tornado 2018" listings: there are no relevant “parks/dumping” issues to choose from (see attached screenshot). Finally, and most importantly, Whitney Circle is one of the top—if not THE top—location where such regular illegal dumping is taking place in East Rock Park. What are the cities of New Haven and Hamden DOING about this recurring problem? You are sending a message that it is acceptable to dump here. WHY IS THERE NO CAMERA DEPLOYED HERE!?
  • 209 Willow Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    This is the state of driving behavior and traffic enforcement in New Haven:
    It is the Wild West! I was commuting in this morning heading south on Orange Street. At the busy Willow Street intersection, two cars ran the red light heading west on Willow Street. I then noticed that there were TWO NHPD cruisers stopped at the light on Orange Street heading north. Neither one of them pulled over either red light runner. (And neither officer appeared to be on another emergency call as they both drove away, lights off, with traffic when the light turned green.)
    This summarizes where we've come to with traffic safety and traffic enforcement in New Haven.
    This is not normal. We have accepted the normalization of this behavior: both the incredible number of drivers running red lights and stop signs or talking/texting on their phones while driving, AND the frequent lack of traffic enforcement by the NHPD.
    This does not happen everywhere in the state. This does not happen everywhere in the country.
    What can we do to change the cycle?
  • Willow St New Haven 06511, United States - Cedar Hill
    When is the paving on the Willow Street bridge going to be completed? The ongoing milled road is causing a traffic nightmare.
  • Parks Request Archived
    Farnum Dr New Haven 06511, United States - East Rock
    Tree down across trail. Left onto the trail at the end of Orange Street. You'll see the tree down across the trail in the first couple hundred yards.
  • 897–899 Orange St New Haven 06511, United States - East Rock
    I want my MTV.
  • English Dr New Haven 06511, United States - East Rock
    More furniture dumped off the side of English Drive. I'd call Mayor Harp's tough anti-dumping program a success, wouldn't you? #gscia
  • I-91 S New Haven 06511, United States - East Rock
    #gscia ("Greatest Small City In America")
    You're joking right?
  • 77 Rock St New Haven 06511, United States - Cedar Hill
    The fireworks were THREE WEEKS ago! Why is all the launch crap still littering the Summit of Indian Head? Doesn't the contract with the city include prompt cleanup? Or do you have to pay extra for that?I feel like I have to make this same post 4th of July cleanup request every year...
  • 41 Cold Spring St New Haven 06511, United States - East Rock
    Dear NH Parks. PLEASE keep emptying the trash bins in the parks (in this case East Rock Park) in a timely fashion. Here people are actually using the trash bins to the point of overflowing! We don't want to DIS-incentivize their use.
  • Farnum Dr New Haven 06511, United States - East Rock
  • 56 Hillhouse Ave New Haven 06511, United States - Prospect Hill
    Where are the in-street pedestrian crossing signs?
    I watched a pedestrian stuck trying to cross Sachem at Hillhouse. No cars would stop for her - I actually had to stop traffic with my bicycle!
    As I was cycling home through East Rock I wondered...where are all the in-street pedestrian crossing signs?
    I don't see them anywhere.
    As someone who remembers a time when they weren't allowed in New Haven, having the in-street pedestrian signs regularly, proactively installed is a small but important victory for all of us in the traffic safety community.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    White Trail New Haven Connecticut - East Rock
    I have mentioned this huge pile of debris in East Rock Park at every East Rock Community Management Team meeting for the past 6-9 months with Aldermanic, NHPD, and LCI representatives present. Yet the pile of crap remains: I took this picture a few days ago. Where is the accountability from the city? The poor response is much like this debris on the banks of the Mill River: disgusting!
  • 111 Grove Street New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    Moments ago I was nearly mowed down by MULTIPLE cars speeding and running the red light here, heading south on Temple Street across Grove Street. And I see little regular traffic enforcement here. Therefore we continue to cultivate a culture of motor vehicle lawlessness in New Haven.
  • English Drive New Haven, CT 06472, United States of America - Cedar Hill
    Yup, more illegal dumping. It's another batch of tires and a couch this time, right at the English Drive gate. Alas, I didn't have a camera handy to take a photo.
  • 603-611 Orange St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Bishop-Hine
    Low hanging wire across Orange at Bishop: does NOT seem to be an electrical wire.
  • Farnam Drive Hamden, Connecticut - Hamden

    This is a follow-up to my SCF ticket 3914743 (original text included below), which was mistakenly forwarded to Hamden rather than New Haven Parks for another case of illegal dumping in East Rock Park. As of late December the dumping has been there for over a month, which is an UNACCEPTABLE response time! Can we please get an update on when the debris will be removed?

    Furthermore, this reposting is another test to see if See Click Fix’s geotagging of East Rock Park issues are routing appropriately to the New Haven Parks Department rather than to Hamden.

    “More illegal dumping over the side of Farnam Drive in East Rock Park! Today it's a large brown sofa, love seat, and cushions. I also noticed that the tires and box spring slash mattress reported around Thanksgiving have still not been picked up: see my I'd like some transparency here about how this will be addressed. Like 3906702, this SCF ticket is being geo-tagged as a Hamden issue but it's my understanding that New Haven Parks is responsible for the trash pickup. Please clarify. Thank you.”