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3 or 4 little bundles between tree and planter. They are not heavy. Missed again on garbage day. The leaf bags across street were picked up.
Issue Closed
No response from the city.
Does anyone in the city government care about this?
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Friday and Saturday they were out popping wheelies with an ATV until 1:30 AM on Winthrop,Derby,Batter, George St. There was a giant party on Friday...there was constant car traffic the streets were parked up,people milling about, tons of music and noise. It was horrible.Finally police came and broke it up with about 8-10 squad cars but it did not quiet down until after 2 AM.
Maybe one of the neighborhood association representatives can speak to the pastor personally and they will figure it out. Or you could just write a letter to the church with your request and the neighbors asking for a lower volume. They may not follow See Click Fix.
Issue Closed
Majority of trash was removed but on garbage day trash not in toter appears. Seems like an weekly occurrence.
Will close
I travel Valley Street every morning. There are at least 3 of these delineators knocked down. What would happen if one was hit and flew up into someone's windshield. There is a lot of bus traffic in this area. Speed Bumps are not the answer either. They ruin your car.
Some bags still on curb one week later.
Blowing up and down street.

The city used to plow the even side the day after the odd side ban.I don't remember when they stopped doing this but it was BAD decision. Some streets are so shrunken since people park out in the street on the even side since they can't park closer to curb because of giant snow and ice chunks.

Drivers also should take some responsibility and move their cars during the ban so the street can be plowed properly on odd side.

Thanks to all who are working to get this resolved. Thanks Charlie,Rebecca etc...
With the help of URI and the West River Neighborhood Association we are trying to maintain this park and the surrounding neighborhood. It would be a shame to let it fall by the wayside and continue to deteriorate. Maintenance is so important for quality of life and to feel that the city cares about its residents. It may not seem like a major issue in the grand scheme of city life but it is part of what makes a great city great.
When this was first reported there was 2 areas that were damaged. At this time there are probably at least 5 sections with issues. It would be great if Parks could really walk the perimeter and assess the areas that are in need of repair. Thank you.
Not repaired.
Call livable city and,the mayor's office.
Still not fixed. An issue worth keeping alive
Not fixed after 421 days!!!
This is a continuous problem at this corner. It has been this way for the 30 + years I have lived in this area. I would think during all these years a more permanent solution could be found. I know the drain fills with trash but it should not clog up like this. People cannot cross the street here after a heavy rain.
Keep it open still not fixed.
Issue Closed
Asplundh was trimming the tree branches the other day. Grateful for that, but why do they leave "coat hangers"? Seems like they should do a neater job.