Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 805
  • Second Avenue Lansingburgh, near Price Chopper - Troy
    The City of Troy needs to fill two large potholes on Second Avenue in Lansingburgh at the entrance to the North Troy Price Chopper nearest Burger King. Drivers coming out of the Price Chopper lot turning right onto Second Avenue stand to damage their cars if they hit these potholes. Pedestrians walking out of the parking lot can get injured if they step into one of them. This is a busy intersection that needs this issue addressed immediately.
  • Broad Street Village of Waterford - Waterford
    The CDTA bus stop next to Key Bank in the Village of Waterford needs the curb area cleared of snow so individuals can gain access to boarding the bus. The curb is covered with snowbanks which prohibit access to the bus and the only way to gain access is navigating over them to reach the bus and possibly falling into oncoming traffic on Broad Street or standing on Broad Street to wait for the bus, again with oncoming traffic passing. On the rare occasions that the area has been cleared of snow, the state plows regularly plow snow from the road back onto the curb recreating the same problem. The area needs to be monitored and a solution reached so no one is injured. Standing on Broad Street with oncoming traffic passing is not a solution to boarding a bus nor is climbing over a snowbank and possibly falling onto Broad Street or under a bus a solution to the problem; they are accidents waiting to happen. This matter needs to be addressed immediately so no one is injured and a plan of action put into effect to see that this problem doesn't arise again in the future.