Mr. Christian

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    613 N Boundary St Raleigh 27604, United States - Mordecai
    Open pipe hole in middle of street. Needs a cover ASAP.
  • 500–662 Halifax St Raleigh 27604, United States - Mordecai
    Failure of left hand turn signal. Context: solo vehicle waiting for left hand turn signal (or other) on Halifax (north side driving south) at Peace St. it seems the vehicle sensor is malfunctioning. I was the only car (lg pickup) and witnessed 2 full light changes but none offering left turn. No other vehicles present waiting for signal.
  • 327 W Davie St Raleigh, NC 27601, USA - Central
    Deadly lane closure with non-working lane closure light. I arrived right after this accident. The car didn't know the lane ended and hit the safety wall. Seems no one was hurt but THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! ENFORCE TGE SAFETY IF THIS LANE CLOSURE BEFORE THERE ARE MORE ACCIDENTS.