Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 510
  • 3029 Beau Jardin Dr Lansing Michigan - Lansing
    The entire length of Beau Jardin Dr, as well as parts of Belle Chase Blvd are falling apart. The asphalt is disintegrating, and constantly creating potholes that are a hazard to all of our resident's cars. Back in September, a city employee who was filling in a hole had told us that they were under the impression that the road would have been redone by then. We need some answers! This has caused damage to not only resident cars, but employee cars as well - resulting in We have also opened many issues on this site in regards to both Beau Jardin and Belle Chase on this site with no contact from anyone who can address this issue for us.
  • Oakbrook Dr And Jolly Rd Lansing, Michigan - Ingham County
    At the corner of Oakbrook Dr and Jolly Rd, it looks as if someone ran into the stop sign as well as the street sign, it is nearly flattened at the corner.