Matthew Nalett

  • 3200 N Seminary Ave Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 44
    So 2 years ago they had installed 4 signs that says pedestrian crossing but people still almost get ran over at this intersection. They do have the yellow signs but traffic will run you over if you are not careful. There should be a 4 way stop since it is a very busy intersection by the state offices and also all the places to eat in the area, also our block has a school and church so its a must needed thing.
  • 3228 N Seminary Ave Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 44

    Its been about 1 month now. The hole has a Cone in it so no one will get there vehicle damaged or anything but its been a while since the hole has been fixed.

    The Water Dept needs to come out and fix the issue since they were the ones who dug up the hole to begin with. The Alderman knows about the issue and has informed them but nothing has happened so far.